One of the under-reported stories of the 2020 election is that ranked choice voting was used for the first time in a US presidential election, in the state of Maine. A ranked ballot dramatically mitigates the "spoiler" effect of third party candidates (think Jill Stein 2016/Ralph Nader 2000).

There are good reasons to consider other voting methods, but RCV is a huge improvement over simple first-past-the-post voting. I hope we'll see it in more states soon.


@eloquence Alaska approved ranked choice voting for federal elections as well, so there will be at least 2 states to use RCV in 2022

@firewally @eloquence unfortunately it was decisively defeated in MA, second time it’s failed by referendum here.

@alex That's a bummer. We have RCV for city-level races in Mpls and StP, but I don't think the campaign has made much headway at the state level

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