I donated a large stash of computers+gadgets to Free Geek Twin Cities last week and the experience was delightful. A+, would recommend cleaning out your tech closet and handing it over to these folks:

If you're concerned about personal data on your laptops/etc, the person who took in my donations was very excited to show/explain to me (a) the locking cage in which they store hard drives before they are evaluated (b) the process by which they multi-pass wipe any working drives and (c) the drill press they use to destroy all non-working media

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Check over their list of acceptable items before you go:

Importantly, they take in desktops/laptops of *any* age in *any* condition. Goodbye, Pentium4 gaming PC from high school! I kept you in the basement for far too long but at least now you can serve a greater purpose

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@firewally Yep, they run it through Dban. And the contraption they use to destroy the old hard drives is cool and looks like it would obliterate anything.

@firewally I have been cleaning out stuff and my basement is a mess of stuff I need to get rid of. Loving this recommend!

@firewally hey this looks awesome thanks for posting. I have been meaning to create a list somewhere of ethical places to "shop" for used computers for when friends say they need to get a new computer...

@firewally I absolutely LOVE Free Geek Twin cities! They got me into Linux, taught me how to fix computers and have supplied me with computers and parts since. They've taken bike loads of old electronics and helped me out for years now. I barely knew a thing about computers when I started but I volunteered there and learned a TON.

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