Either this is an absurdist satire of the "We support [private school]" signs ubiquitous in my neighborhood, or someone just really loves pizza.

Either way, I approve 🍕

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LED helmet
Open collar

Did I accidentally do Vaporwave?

I’m old enough to say things like “I really don’t need any more graphic T-shirts" but this Uniqlo/Nintendo jam is exactly the kind of bullshit I can’t resist

Shout out as well to the architect who planned out this wee little ADU on on the retaining wall of a St. Paul home. The outdoor tub and covered boat landing are both very tastefully considered

Now that it is springtime Ada and I are happy to present the next chapter of our series "Big-Ass Rocks of Macalester-Groveland"

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Walked by some *delicious* neighborhood drama today: nytimes.com/2019/04/05/nyregio

Read on if you like seeing very rich people squabble with incredibly rich people

This is what you currently see on my Hotel TV’s channel that’s supposed to be about room service

Did ya hear the news about good ol’ General Mercer?

(Look, all this Hamilton bullshit is gonna be stuck in my brain forever so y’all are gonna have to deal)

Greetings from New York City where this boring Midwesterner has managed to book himself into a surprisingly hip and swanky hotel


Ada wishes her mom didn’t have to leave for work but loves it when she comes home with more micro plush blankets (Spouse works for a bedding company)

The book I just finished and the book I just started. Both are very, very good

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Fixing my oven has a very “Rey scavenging parts on Jakku” vibe. This is probably worth a quarter portion, right?

I’m not an expert on the ethics or aesthetics of graffiti, but pretty sure that tagging the playground equipment at the neighborhood park makes you a fuckin’ jackass

My neighborhood newspaper published possibly the worst political cartoon to ever exist, so I contributed some, um, insightful commentary 🙄 ✊ 🍆

(image descriptions in replies)

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