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Yes, son, you may have the tools to peer inside the bottom bracket, but are you prepared for the horrors you may find there?

(CW cursed images of bike parts)

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Today's Graffiti: Take it EZ, Space Cowboy

🛵 😎 🌕 🌋 🌵 :greenway:

My neighbors in Mac Groveland and Highland Park have their share of insufferable tendencies, but they make some killer Little Free Libraries, I tell you what

Twins game got rain delayed for over an hour but then the Twins scored 6 runs in the 2nd so it’s been a real emotional roller coaster here in the city of Minneapolis

Hello MSPSocial I am here with your Blue Rooster status report :brooster:


One of y'all - @Pixley maybe? - was thinking about getting a tattoo of a tomato and I wanted to share a friend's good good vegetable tattoo but I just now came across a good photo

(mostly healed tattoo of vegetables)

Thought about this comic today. Parts of the modern machine learning world are a hellscape, but sometimes progress is pretty cool!

I would watch Sylvia Fowles block shots literally all day :lynx: 🏀 🧱

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Picking up the dog from the boarding place after a trip is the best possible errand

I’m going to start a YouTube channel that does positive reviews of incredibly popular things. First episode: Split Rock Lighthouse is very pretty and really quite interesting!

Came home right as my neighbor’s dog had escaped into the alley so Internet, meet my neighbor Steve

(I brought him home after)

(Selfie with dog)

Anyone else 'round here listen to My Brother, My Brother, and Me? It's very stupid but also very much my kind of stupid

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