Ride a Bicycle
And Keep Well

Every [person] who lives a sedentary life NEEDS A BICYCLE

(From what I can tell, this is a real advertisement that ran in the Roanoke Times (Virginia) in 1918)

Through the magic of technology, we can re-create the walk I took on that hot October Saturday in the suburbs of Dallas

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File this under “failed quarantine experiments”. Had to give it a shot though


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Animal Crossing 


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If you like the idea of biking alongside wildlife, today on the Mississippi River Trail between South St Paul and Inver Grove I saw cardinals, finches, robins, turkeys, blue jays, these fine turkey vultures, and a whole bunch more birds I don’t know how to identify. It’s a fun trail!

Star Trek: TNG, Lewd 

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New quarantine setup. lord knows how long I’m gonna be here, might as well try for some decent ergonomics.

🎵 🎺 🎹 🎵

They call me Ole Worm

Good morning, how are you? I'm Ole Worm

I'm interested in things

I am a real doctor but I'm not a real worm I'm not an actual worm.


Good Morning from Ada who would like.


To throw.

The ball.


Cooking, recipe recommendation 

Animal Crossing 


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It'd be pretty sweet for Banksy to go through a normie, wholesome Norman Rockwell phase, IMO


Backyard maple tree is looking quite handsome this morning

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