@Mikesonn I think he was just making a funny.

In terms of "car" vs "driver", I'd say that the Pi Press and Strib have both heard our community's concerns and have decided not to change. In my business we call it "Won't Fix". We get to decide how to respond

@Mikesonn If it lowers your blood pressure, that's probably the right call, but the confusion over "fred" was pretty funny. I think you're mostly miffed at him for other stuff that he's unlikely to change

Most side projects die at the hands of $DayJob and my 1000 other hobbies, but I'm pretty excited about this one

Dug into a coding side project (masto-related) for the first time in a while and actually made enough progress this weekend that it feels like it might... happen? Like I might actually finish something?

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we talked about cribbage for like two days and somehow this never came up

Y'all probably listen to 99% Invisible already but this history of squirrels in American cities was fascinating and delightful:


but I'd argue that the discussion about feeding squirrels does not consider @earthtopus ' special relationship with his backyard pals

@alex God damn it, I started clicking around now and I also found perfect gifts for both my Mom and Dad, so congrats on getting all my money, Sports Illustrated 💸

Seriously, I can't help but seeing those "Were a Proud St. Minnethomas Acadaschool Family" and reading it internally as "My Children All Deserve Wedgies", which is probably not very generous of me

@June Save Our Historic Saint Paul Diners.

Wait, it got too real


All Sandwiches Are Welcome Here
🥟 🥙 🌯 🥪

Either this is an absurdist satire of the "We support [private school]" signs ubiquitous in my neighborhood, or someone just really loves pizza.

Either way, I approve 🍕

@alex Tell me how! This would be a perfect housewarming gift for my friends

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@lawremipsum ooof. That closure is a shit sandwich and it wasn’t communicated at all in the last (checks notes) 10 years we’ve been planning this project

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