First time at the dog park in a while and this lady kept her cool even when a fiesty golden retriever stole her ball


Just traveled to beautiful Austin, MN for my 2nd vaccine dose and I decided to pick up a souvenir. Vaccine appointments are still filling quickly in the metro but it won’t be long until we need to start encouraging and helping hesitant and hard-to-reach folks get vaccinated. If you are trying to get a vaccine for yourself or a loved one, DM me and I can offer some help and advice.


We hiked up to see some cliffs and climbed way too many stairs and Ada had a very good time, despite the look she’s giving here


Pad Ka-Prao with stir-fried root veggies. I love any recipe that ends with “throw a fried egg on it”

Check out this amazing painting that @metaphoricaltigers did for Jessie and me to commemorate our strangest Valentine’s Day ever. Y’all should commission Logan to do more cool stuff!!


Thank you @travailkitchen for helping us have a delicious Valentine’s Day date at home. My plating leaves something to be desired, but that Beef Wellington came out 😙👌

Shout out to this woodpecker doing his thing when it was like 11 degrees out


I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer it be made with union labor. Hey @derzquist, this a good one, thanks!


Zero-proof sidecar needed a properly fancy glass @ritualzeroproof


Because Insta only sends the first right now: baked rolls, hamburgers, French toast, croutons. The circle of life

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Checked out the new bike paths on Ayd Mill and Como and they are both very nice.

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