Dad’s not on Instagram but y’all might enjoy this portrait we commissioned of our father in the style of his dear friend Homer Simpson. Shout out to Dad, who has not failed at even a single attempt at masonry

Jessie and I have been married for 11 years today and the world is very scary and weird right now but I am very grateful to have my best friend with me to experience all of its strangeness and beauty together. We’re lucky to have so many great friends in our life and I hope that you all continue to be as safe and happy as you can be right now.

Quarantine hair experiment #2. is getting pretty good at this!

Spent the better part of today at Bethlehem Lutheran with many, many neighbors accepting, sorting, packing, and delivering donated groceries. The only thing more striking than the scope of the need is the force of goodwill gathering to help meet it. We packed up hundreds (thousands?) of bags of food today and I drove by many other groups doing the same on large and small scales. Please keep an eye out for ways you can help, there will be folks in need of help for many weeks to come

Here’s my ugly pizza. Sometimes things come out a little weird and lumpy, but we’re all doing our best and I believe that, like this pizza, we can still bring joy and comfort to the ones we love

Friends, it is new bike day. Even after an hour of fooling around in the park, I can tell I’m gonna have a lot of fun with this one. Always gonna miss the Krampus (RIP), but here’s to a fresh new start and lots of fun times learning what the hell all the knobs do on this suspension fork

Tres leches cake by , thanks for the great idea!

Burger of the Day: The Final Kraut Down (sauerkraut, carmelized onions, Dijon mustard, Swiss cheese)

This is not my first pizza, but it is my first pizza worth taking a photo of (it was also fucking delicious)

I was gonna caption this with some lyrics from “Under the Bridge”, but it turns out that song is kind of a bummer about being addicted to heroin and this photo was just from a pleasant bike ride through a park

Made the Doubletree Hotel cookie recipe. The first time I stayed at a Doubletree was 2004 in Dallas for a debate tournament at the Greenhill School. It felt incredibly fancy to fly cross country to compete at a big national debate tournament and get cookies in the lobby. Turns out we got our ass handed to us at that tournament, a good reminder to 17YO me that even when you think you’re hot shit, there’s usually someone else out there who is smarter and worked harder. That ended up to be a …

Officially sending in my application for Quarantine Buzzcut Club, feeling light and fuzzy

I made a bread. Posting this for everyone’s enjoyment (ask me for the recipe!), but really I’m just hungry for’s approval

Stay-at-home status: home hair dye with Thanks, PS this color looks a lot better on my pretty lady friend

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