So it's been a little while since I updated y'all MSP Social folks on life stuff. Here's a big one - I'm 20 weeks pregnant! So far everything seems normal and healthy, so we expect kiddo to join us some time in July!

Because I am a goddamn adult, I'm spending my Thursday evening watching Muppet Treasure Island with my wife

Road trip tunes 

Also ffs why isn't the interstate highway system just railways instead? I hope Henry Ford is rotting in hell :bancars: :bancars:

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Road trip tunes 

🎶 This is the road that never ends,

Yes it goes on and on my friends,

Some people started paving it, not knowing what it was,

And they are still paving it, forever,

just because

(Repeat) 🎶

Yes hello my water bottle squirted me in the eye despite my glasses can I go home now

Rodents, rats, eye contact 

Friends, it has been far too long since y'all had some rattie spam. Here ya go ❤❤

America in One Room, immigration 

"I was like oh hell no this other girl had a good question suggestion I'm just going to write it down and submit it."

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Hoo boy we have reached the itchy af phase of tattoo healing 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Work, capitalist bs, caps lock, profanity 

So I had volunteered to be a "buddy" for new joiners in my program, since I thought, "sure, how hard can emailing a person every so often be?"

Hoo boy, good thing I had already decided not to follow through due to spoons problems. In the "mentor guide", I was explicitly directed to speak positively about the company, and not to answer any compensation questions. WHAT UTTER FUCKING BULLSHIT

Work, profanity 

You know friends, for how often employers bitch about getting ghosted by millennials, you'd think they'd try harder not to, I don't know, ghost a millennial.

Still waiting to hear about that phone interview

Fediverse surveillance instance: Fedichive 

There is a new instance¹ that tries to archive the whole Fediverse² and they plan to make a full text search available to everyone. I recommend you block their IPs.

What they are doing is illegal by the way, at least when it concerns EU citizens.


#FediAdmin #PleroAdmin #MastoAdmin

Work, selfie with eye contact 

In case anyone is wondering how my work day is going, I present the following. Note that my glasses have fled in terror of what lies before my eyes.

Mnpol, cars 

So as I was headed to work, I saw a billboard that read "Stuck in traffic? We need more lanes!" and I about exploded.

It sure would be a shame if we all went to and offered public comments on that plan, if that's an option :bancars: :bancars:

Mh (-), work 

Sigh I started this morning off reasonably ok, but am now seriously overstimmed (wtf brain?) and fighting a strong anxiety reaction to it. Can't concentrate, clothes are making my hair stand on end, all noises are making me want to cover my ears and scream.

I think I should bare minimum go home, maybe take the rest of the day off. Work is in a good space, I'm working on documentation stuff. But I don't want to disappoint my boss/am not in the best standing with my company. What do?

It is a copious amounts of espresso and Hamilton kind of morning folks

Yes hello I have done at least half a work and it is rainy and I'm sleepy can I go home and nap now? :blobcomfy:

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