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For some reason this list of favorite cheers for the Twin Cities Marathon made me laugh.

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Wow, God says go to your backyard and start digging, that makes PERFECT SENSE!

I hate to be the one to tell you this friends but I think we've really done it, we've angered the sun god real bad this time and I don't think the sun is coming back

trying to focus on small things that are good, like Show more

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That feeling when you're rushing to finish a project and it is not turning out AT ALL and you can't tell if it's really as bad as it looks or maybe it is

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YO! PSA time!
I'm a psychiatric nurse practitioner, means I prescribe and manage psych meds, I'm a trans poly queer that likes helping out the folks who have less of a share of the pie than the rest. You got some medical questions? You got some psych question specifically? Feel free to hit me up for some free-ass informal advice! Consider it a perk of being not a white cishet! :heart_pride:

also, lawn signs are effective for getting mentioned in Slate articles at least!


"Second was the emergence of various activist groups who came out to community meetings, put up lawn signs, and generally voiced their support for reforming the system wholesale. "

working on the resident list for my car free commune:
--all of you
--a dozen guinea pigs
--Danielle Robinson
--Cheryl Reeve
--the Property Brothers
--a couple of basset hounds

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Who wants to go into business with me remaking these scratch and sniff stickers from the 70s/80s, it can't be that hard and we would make SO MUCH MONEY

I mean, just looking at these, I can SMELL them

Seriously considering creating a sticker chore chart to try to motivate myself

I bet if I could get a super awesome scratch n sniff sticker as a reward, I would find the energy to vacuum the living room

if everybody could just take care of their own stuff today, that'd be great.

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