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For some reason this list of favorite cheers for the Twin Cities Marathon made me laugh.

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Hello I thought you might need to see this adorable video of two guinea pigs nomming pls enjoy


food, meat, innuendo 

mind venting 


I think you might need to see this video of three guinea pigs having dinner kthx

my trans kid has a trans teacher and it is :heart_trans:


all I want to do is go back to bed and finish The Testaments

Update: it's a good day for Matthew Sweet (Girlfriend)

for my whole life until today I thought "saucer" was slang for something really dirty

I was today years old when I learned the lyrics in Brass in Pocket are "Gonna use my sidestep" and not 'Gonna use my saucer"

I thought you might need to see/hear an adorable wheeking guinea pig so here you go

My first piece in a gallery! If you're in Saint Paul swing by and check it out!

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