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For some reason this list of favorite cheers for the Twin Cities Marathon made me laugh.

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switching to Girl in Gold Boots, because the greasy, drunk dad in the diner is more appealing than the political ads

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Everything I Needed To Know In Life I Learned From Shopping For Furbys on Ebay

it’s rough out there. but on sunday i went to the park and there was a dog costume parade. here’s some love

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Whew! I don't know about you all, but I'm beat. Time to call it a day!

Ok this might be a game changer: a set of high-powered magnifiers and a light built onto a pair of glasses made with your prescription. I think I am going to put money in my FSA for next year to cover these.

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Tag line: "They'll blow you away!" Oh why couldn't this have been the #1 movie the day I was born

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