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For some reason this list of favorite cheers for the Twin Cities Marathon made me laugh.

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also I want to form a closer, more personal relationship with my trash hauler

also I want to get rid of my house and get a condo

I kinda want to get rid of my car and get one of these

related: the wikipedia article on Reddy Kilowatt is truly amazing

true story: my first winter in Minnesota I saw these words on a billboard (along with a picture of Reddy Kilowatt, the power company mascot).

I knew what each word meant individually, but the four words together had no meaning to me until my husband explained it...raking the snow off your roof with a long metal pole that could contact power lines and electrocute you is not a thing in Indiana.

I still use this example to show the importance of context for reading comprehension.

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A very nice neighbor cleared the sidewalk edge-to-edge along both sides of the block! Thank you, nice neighbor!

sorry, can't talk, I'm updating my bitmoji's outfit

Airport is closed, folks, so now you know it's real

proud of @frizzy_ky for being such a responsible young adult

I am out of my house! Taking a sewing class! And I also got this groovy notebook.

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