I think there's something wrong with me, I listened to my first ASMR video and I didn't feel all tingly I just felt really annoyed

@hfrazey I don't think they work for everyone and sometimes the people who make them are annoying :-/

@hfrazey it could be a combination of it not working for you, plus a glut in the market of people trying to cash in on an overhyped craze leading to a lot of mediocre videos flooding your search results.

It is for sure not my jam, though.

@sashakovich I have always been super sensitive (in a bad way) to mouth sounds and anything that remotely sounds like that makes my skin crawl

@hfrazey Well, if it's something you want to explore, some people do get it from sensory experiences. My sweetie gets it from having their nails painted. A friend gets it from watching videos of people doing hand crafts that involve a lot of intense hand work - people who are really good at pastry work, or ceramic work.

For me, a lot of the videos feel intimate in a way that makes me feel like I've walked in on something I wasn't supposed to see, which is an accomplishment for a youtube video

@sashakovich this is fascinating! and so alien to me! I mean, I certainly find some images pleasing or satisfying, but never do I get a physical sensation from them

@hfrazey the only thing that's ever reliably given me ASMR is suddenly remembering the answer to a difficult trivia question shortly before having to turn in the answer sheet

@hfrazey I had the same reaction when I was watching those whispery ASMR videos with like hair brushing and stuff. But THEN I was watching a video of someone using an ancient, well-oiled leather sewing machine and the sound of the machine made me bliss out. Then I realized that using or watching people use old, well-maintained machines chills me out massively. Something about the smooth clacking and the precision.

So maybe something like that will do it for you?

@hfrazey Not every trigger works for everyone. I have a few specific ones that are pretty much guaranteed but others I find a bit weird.

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