People who do screen recordings of themselves playing video games: what software do you use? Boosts/relevant tags appreciated!

@lawremipsum yeah we're having problems with OBS being choppy...gonna have to research some settings

@lawremipsum @hfrazey ^ this. OBS is *really* easy to start using, and then helps a ton with compositing in arbitrary split trackers and things like that.

@falkreon any tips on troubleshooting settings? apparently the recordings are really choppy. Someone else adjusted the laptop settings and fixed it, but we had to re-install and the person who did the adjustments is no longer we're kinda lost.

@hfrazey Pretty much everyone uses OBS. Recording is hardware-intensive - most laptops are not going to be capable of recording while also running a game at a decent FPS. You especially need a powerful CPU.

My guess without specifics is they cranked down the recording resolution as low as possible and set the FPS limit at 30. After that, you'll want to search the OBS forums for more specific advice.

Make sure you're using the new OBS Studio, as old OBS isn't getting updates anymore.

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