@hfrazey just biked through saint paul and lived to tell the tale!

@hfrazey Almost finished my first chapt in my CompTIA A+ book today. Missed D&D at Meadhall games (very queer and fun but I was too tired to go.) Am hanging out at home with Spouse (literally rocking in hammock) discussing the Danelaw in England and Goths in Sicily. So all is good.

@hfrazey My bad- that's Visigoths in Spain and Vandals in North Africa and Sicily.

@hfrazey Hi, I am new here but you know me from that other place. How y’all doing?

@amanjo hi! welcome! I think you will love it here 😃

@hfrazey Warm. Too warm. And recovering from oral surgery. (That seems to be going well enough, at least...)

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