Hello friends, how are you.

@hfrazey can't talk, busy fine tuning the scheduling algorithm for the weekly meetings, which if this output can be trusted, are apparently on "Thuersday"

@lawremipsum things could be worse! and they might be getting better! Were you looking for a new job or did I just imagine that.

@hfrazey I would like to be happier at work, and that seems like the most likely way to achieve it...

@hfrazey @lawremipsum we just want to tell you good luck. We're all counting on you.

@wohali I have been better, but I am getting better. 😃

@hfrazey I'm a collection of pharmaceuticals stuffed into a meatskin with some organs on the side. Also, it's long pants season again and I can wear my nice boots, so everything's coming up Pillhouse.

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