Friends I miss you so much. My life is a stressful, boring mess of dealing with 15 years worth of crap and trying to get the entire house repainted and recarpeted so it can (hopefully) be sold. Send me good vibes and hopefully I can be back to having a life soon.

@hfrazey I think I'll say what we're all thinking - does this affect the Tuesday meetings

@hfrazey anyway, I'll seriously consider proposing a "good luck" resolution to be added to a future agenda at the next one

@lawremipsum @hfrazey my calendaring system requires me to whisper things into a hole where reeds will later grow to whisper reminders; I have to wait until spring to check

@hfrazey :maybe_hug_hug: :maybe_hug_hug: :maybe_hug_hug:

I've been wondering where you are since I got back on here. Sad that you're swamped with tough busy but I'm glad to hear from you and looking forward to hearing more soon/meeting irl sometime?

@hfrazey ooh hope the repainting and recarpeting goes fast and easy as it ever does - fingers crossed!

@hfrazey good luck Hill! If you run into a problem that having an able-bodied friend with a car who lives nearby would solve, hit me up 👋🏻

@hfrazey Godspeed! :-) Sounds like the day I've been having...

@hfrazey good luck! i am dealing with a huge house mess right now and sympathising greatly (though not trying to sell...yet...)

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