I feel like I've been hit by a truck but having dinner out here is helping.

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I can't decide if these are the best or the worst but I will probably eat the whole bowl

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Uh...I think someone has been tripping in my living room

Just over here pretending it's spring also I got this dress on clearance for $4 and I totally won that bet

Using my new sewing machine! It is the bomb dot com

omg I think I need to make this . I could hang it up behind my desk and if anybody saw it on a video conference call I could just tell them it stood for "zero defects" but I would know the secret (source: etsy.com/listing/672964319/zer )

It's done!
"Women's Work"
Cotton fabric, perle cotton, wooden clothespins
15" x 10"

Here's the third quilt in the set. I'll get pictures of the entire piece once I get the clothespins figured out.

This one is coming together. It's two separate quilts (and I'm going to make one more). The three will stack on top of one another and will be held together by clothespins, so only the one on top will display...but it can be changed. Title is tentatively "Women's Work."

To illustrate, here is a video of the not good situation

"So, what's the look you're going for?"
"I dunno. How about...rock formation."

Winter is making me grumpy so I bought these new socks on clearance. They match my clogs which I will never wear again because of all the fucking snow

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