My first piece in a gallery! If you're in Saint Paul swing by and check it out!

My interactive art project is done! Very pleased with how it turned out. You can see it during the Co Lab exhibition at The Show Gallery in Lowertown (opening September 7th).

Minneapolis bike route question 

A baby deer and its mom just emerged from the woods in front of me!

I'm at a condo on Lake Michigan and there's a baby bunny living under the deck! Also this is the view

I left and came back but it didn't notice, chippy was like O SHIT

In my studio tonight for the first time in FOR-EVER. Working on some measurements for the collaboration I am doing...coming to a downtown St Paul art studio in September (!!). I've said this before, but you're gonna love it.

gay cake picture 

a gift from my employer 

a picture of me from 1974 

OMG wow a great thing happened 

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