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This is what looks like right now and it is pretty much bullshit

a little something for @Jennybellium and all other science-doing friends

Look at this! A pattern transferred on linen... going to do thread shading with wool

I got to say thank you to my garbage hauler in person this morning!! 😍 I told him to stay warm and he told me to stay warm too and have a great day and you know what...I think I will

selfie, cat 

I am out of my house! Taking a sewing class! And I also got this groovy notebook.

Stitching study: Trees 2. I have learned my favorite way to stitch trees through this process!

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Question: is there a place online where I can find very simplified contour maps? Like, without roads? I want just the outlines of land forms and bodies of water, like's for an embroidery project.

on my way to audition selfie, Lizzo lyrics 

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