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This is what looks like right now and it is pretty much bullshit

a little something for @Jennybellium and all other science-doing friends

Look at this! A pattern transferred on linen... going to do thread shading with wool

I got to say thank you to my garbage hauler in person this morning!! 😍 I told him to stay warm and he told me to stay warm too and have a great day and you know what...I think I will

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I am out of my house! Taking a sewing class! And I also got this groovy notebook.

Stitching study: Trees 2. I have learned my favorite way to stitch trees through this process!

Question: is there a place online where I can find very simplified contour maps? Like, without roads? I want just the outlines of land forms and bodies of water, like's for an embroidery project.

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region.

An alternative to social networks that connected people in the region that have either died away or driven people off with unethical or anti-social policies.

MSP Social is a noncommercial community service, hosted and administered by @lawremipsum. Users should not feel obligated to contribute financially to the project. But contributions to defray server costs and/or for possible future expansion are welcome at Patreon, Liberapay or via PayPal to lawremipsum at gmail.

We financially support local community-oriented organizations. Currently, we support WedgeLive, Streets MN, Grease Rag and The MN Tool Library. Future support of community-oriented organizations will be determined by accountholders, donors and the admin, and is likely to be focused on groups that advance the values of the donors and encourage underrepresented voices in community and urban planning spheres.

Recurring contributors: @hfrazey,, @Jennybellium, @densetsu, @iangreenleaf, @britvulcan, @joeld, @yeahno, @paulference, @billmk, @brandon, @benjotron, @june @wafflesoup and anonymous.

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