hi friends! I need a different user name so I am going to try to make a new one and transfer everything! Wish me luck!

Every single one of these rooms was filled with unbelievable amounts of crap just two weeks ago

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@007 please get my enthusiastic consent first kthx

AND I have Internet access at my house again, no matter how you look at it I am winning

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I did it! I got my house to the point where they could take pictures for the listing yesterday! AMAZING.

Guess who has two thumbs and no internet access (still!)?


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can't regret anything if you've never done anything

*Garbage. Even my phone doesn't think it's right.


Today in things that are making me cry: my cable modem died so I have no internet access for the weekend!

Friends I miss you so much. My life is a stressful, boring mess of dealing with 15 years worth of crap and trying to get the entire house repainted and recarpeted so it can (hopefully) be sold. Send me good vibes and hopefully I can be back to having a life soon.

It was the best thing that has happened all week! 😘

Hello I thought you might need to see this adorable video of two guinea pigs nomming pls enjoy instagram.com/p/B3h8g18A7Kw/?i

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