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If you are interested in quilting, fabric, Minneapolis and/or co ops, check out this survey re: a consumer-owned cooperative quilt shop in south Minneapolis:

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RIGHT! I bought another planner!

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Also check out these pictures of me in a play in 1990 (the same play I'm auditioning for next weekend)

Look at this awesome poster from 1990 that unfortunately is still relevant today

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I'm not winning any awards this week folks

even though it will be warmer, tomorrow's gonna hurt

ok I think I have settled. Don't let me change my mind.

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I should be doing things but we're all stuck in the house and so I'll do things another day :blobcomfy:

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An alternative to social networks that connected people in the region that have either died away or driven people off with unethical or anti-social policies.

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We financially support local community-oriented organizations. Currently, we support WedgeLive, Streets MN, Grease Rag and The MN Tool Library. Future support of community-oriented organizations will be determined by accountholders, donors and the admin, and is likely to be focused on groups that advance the values of the donors and encourage underrepresented voices in community and urban planning spheres.

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