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Trees are beautiful! Roads are not great! Car drivers are horrible! If you must go outside this morning use snow shoes to go deep into the woods

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Ooh, maybe not stains. Going to have to do some experimenting.

update: yes. my plans include 1) a nap 2) cotton candy

hmm, what kind of fabric? black? red? printed with 1920s white people? different shades to represent when the covenant was added (similar to the animation on the web site I love thinking about stuff like this

This artist has cut out the fabric to represent foreclosures and then patched the squares from the back...I think I will place fabric on top of the quilt to represent how the racial covenants block homeownership in that neighborhood.

I think I just found another textile project ... these, but for Hennepin County racial covenants. (The idea was originally proposed by Mapping Prejudice on Facebook.)

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I screm
You screm
we all screm

OMG I took 15 minutes at the end of my work day to quickly take care of the little things I usually just ignore until they become overwhelming and it was amazing! Who could have predicted

I thought my company was paying me to design instructional materials, but it turns out my primary function is to install software updates on my laptop and watch it reboot. My bad.

"So, what's the look you're going for?"
"I dunno. How about...rock formation."

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@solarpunkagorism the first rule of economics is that there's not enough for everyone because it's mine and you can't touch it

OK real question. What is the most affordable US city where you can live without a car (get places you need to go on reliable transit, using decent bike infrastructure, or fairly hassle-free walking)

summer may be hot but at least there isn't 30 inches of, like, sand everywhere making everything 1000x harder

MSP Friends: a "Hot Dish Pot Luck" is in the works, let me know if you want to be part of the winter deliciousness

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