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Dude was a mover and a shaker: an inventor, a salesman, saloon keeper, wholesaler, grocer, cigar maker, AND he fought in the Civil War. Started a new business every couple of years. An influencer of his time.

My aunt just forwarded me a 124 page PDF history narrative of my great-great-grandfather (written by a distant cousin), including info about the area in Germany we came from. 😍

omg I just found out about tattoos that look like embroidery and I've never wanted a tattoo before but I do now (

Went out with the family for birthday dinner. Bad: The server forgot to put in the order for our food until we'd already been there over an hour. Good: We got our dinners for free, and we had some good talking while we waited!

Spontaneous getaway to Red Wing with Teen #2. Good: Huge whirlpool tub! Bad: Almost got hit by Red Wing's version of public transit! (Seriously, if I hadn't been watching the driver and saw that he was not looking in the direction he was driving he would have hit me.)

Affordable yet livable apartment achievement unlocked !! :blobrainbow:

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ok folks Birthday Vacation Version 47 is getting started with an apartment tour in the morning. If you could send us some good vibes that would be great.

just set my out of office auto reply...almost time to not work for the next 3 days!

Friends please welcome @ewankeep , who lives in MSP and is coming over from Octodon! :first:

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An alternative to social networks that connected people in the region that have either died away or driven people off with unethical or anti-social policies.

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