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Loud thunder boom. Cat walks in and gives me a LOOK like "What did you DO??"

Anybody heading to Pride in Loring Park this morning/afternoon?

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In my studio tonight for the first time in FOR-EVER. Working on some measurements for the collaboration I am doing...coming to a downtown St Paul art studio in September (!!). I've said this before, but you're gonna love it.

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New independent bookstore open in St Paul! Storied Owl Books is on the corner of Cleveland and Randolph, across from Saint Kate's.

If you're looking for carefully selected adult fiction or sci fi, check it out!

Also, if you are shopping for young readers ages 0-15, they have a HUGE HUGE selection.

Shop local! Tell 'em the Cleveland Ave bike lanes sent ya.

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Had my first meeting about my first piece to be displayed in a gallery. I'm partnered with another self-taught, never-exhibited textile artist. We're planning to make an interactive piece celebrating diverse identities. Stay tuned! You're gonna LOVE it, it's totally your jam.

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trying to decide the best way to get from MN to MI Show more

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