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so what you're saying is there's going to be water in my basement tonight

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The John G. Munson is passing by on its way from Burns Harbor to Duluth.

The Walter J McCarthy is passing by. There's so much haze from the Canadian wildfires it's hard to see, though.

The Roger Blough just passed by to the inside of the island! It's on its way to Duluth, maybe I could hitch a ride

A baby deer and its mom just emerged from the woods in front of me!

The tanker Iver Bright just came into view!

about me: tired of following the boys around

Keeping track of the big boats I see. So far I've seen the Walter J McCarthy and right now the Prentiss Brown is in view.

Having breakfast with my bunny friend 🐰

the sun is rising behind me and illuminating Sleeping Bear, it's magical

but I forgot how cold it is here and waaaay under packed, brrrr

I'm at a condo on Lake Michigan and there's a baby bunny living under the deck! Also this is the view

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I left and came back but it didn't notice, chippy was like O SHIT

That did it, too risky to keep going across the deck, going to have to take the long way through the grass and around the edge now.

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