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in a meeting where people are giving updates on other meetings and it's just great

The mayor in :flag_stp: just proposed we :bancars: !!

well, on one half of one short, useless road...but still!

cis parents of trans kids, (good) advice 

bikes, scooters, accidents, insurance 

lingerie pro tip 

Minneapolis bike route question 

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Maybe you've wondered what the symbols on the :flag_stp: stand for. Wonder no more!

Finding Girl Talk on Spotify is the best decision I have made in a long time.

A restaurant stole my money last night but it's a beautiful day and I overcame a significant barrier so I'm gong to call it a win

monarch butterfly, baby bunny, wonderful breeze

"What I understood on the other side of my decision, on the gulf, was that there was no such thing as ruining yourself. There are ways to be wounded and ways to survive those wounds, but no one can survive denying their own needs."


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There's a lot more to you than whatever attitudes & skills your school or workplace want you to exhibit today.

That's part of why you come here. We celebrate the rest of you. The rest of you is really cool.


Now a couple yellow finches have come to join the party!

When I grow up I'm going to get the smallest house I can find in the city and turn the backyard into an oasis and you can come hang out with me there

Finch perched in the flowers. This one has a reddish purple head, not a yellow one 😍

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