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Okay so :

I'm a student, particularly interested in linguistic ,
I'm an and writing a book about it,
I'm and interested in ,
I'm and and poly

...and while I do talk about all that stuff to a greater or lesser extent, I mostly just use Mastodon to talk about my day and I like people talking about their days. I like getting to know people.

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My spouse has written a bunch of books and has just started a podcast. If you could support his Patreon, it'd help us recover from a precipitous drop in income a few months ago.

I've written about the podcast here
and his link is

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I only boost toots with images if those images are described.

Now I need to get out of bed again because I forgot both my cold medicine and my water bottle and all I can think is "hydration cylinder!"

I have come to the conclusion that, however old I was when I stopped being helped to get ready for was too early.

Whenever it was deemed I no longer needed someone to find my pajamas and get me into them and make sure I'd brushed my teeth and tucked me in and turned off the light? That was a mistake. :) Those are all things I wish I had help with now!

Many days, I just run out of executive function before I run out of things that need doing, and it really shows at bedtime.

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55 degrees in september: better bust out my big coat
55 degrees in March: i will cut the legs and sleeves off the clothes i am wearing right now

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So probably the weirdest Cambrian creature was this little beast. It's called Opabinia.

About the size of a mouse, and probably a relative of anomalocaris. Opabinia is mostly unlike any other creature we've ever found on Earth. Five eyes and an odd little trunk with a grabby thing on the end. In an incredibly bizarre form of convergent evolution, it probably used this appendage to eat in much the same way an elephant uses its trunk!

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Tried to take a picture of the supermoon through the clouds, but my camera is only good enough to get a kind of impressionistic effect.

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really frustrating that just leads you to regular facebook instead of a social network for ace people

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It’s been nearly two years since Lauren Michele Jackson wrote about digital blackface in Teen Vogue. If you’ve never heard of the practice or have been putting off researching it, here’s the link:

Thinking about how we use black reaction GIFs and memes is good praxis and should be done in tandem with increasing awareness about our use of AAVE.

Have a wonderful day!

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Happy first day of spring! I always love those early signs of life returning, like when the public benches emerge from their long winter's dormancy.

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I want to revive something Teju Cole used to do on birbsite: everyone post photos of whatever's blooming around you, tagged with #florespondence and where you are. Please boost and take part. Making it a reply to me is optional but I'll always enjoy florespondence from all over. Here are the #Seattle daffodils that prompted me to get things started.

I don't expect people to know my niche triggers, but the shitposts can be CWed as shitposts. I am assured they work just as well even with a CW!

Shitposts with actual triggers in them are great aren't they.

And not CWed or anything at all, of course.

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There's a rumor that that several miles of international border between Maine and New Brunswick are somewhat south of the negotiated location due a drunken British surveyor. This is untrue. The surveyor was my great grandfather 😂

There *was* a drunken British surveyor who's responsible for adding some acreage to Vermont, but that was resolved in Webster–Ashburton.

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Imagine copyright law making all the Important works lost so that all historians will know of our era is weird shitpost games from and fanfictions no one bothered to DRM

Actually there is 1000% going to be a famous property we love today that will only survive in references in fanfiction, this is basically a historical certainty (it's more or less what happened to Sappho)

Let us all hold hands and hope it's Harry Potter

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I, for one, am delighted that scientists are finally willing to admit that many dinosaurs were more bird-like than previously thought. I love them all even more now.

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Dinosaur comics today is NOT about dinosaurs honking, and yet ...

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