It's a bot which I know some people hate, but otherwise I love @accessibleColors, which randomly selects colors with sufficient contrast to meet standards.

Did you know color combinations can be measured and result in a number that has to be over a certain threshold to be accessible? I think that's pretty cool.

In an internet of light grey text on white backgrounds, it's nice to see how many, many better options are available. :)

@hollyamory This is massively useful, thanks for sharing. Especially for a design-challenged developer like myself.

@hollyamory @accessibleColors I've been sticking with black on white to be sure about #accessibility, but it's nice to know what options are available. Thanks for sharing this.

I don't think it's meant to be actual design suggestions, black on white is still my reading preference at least! It's just fun.

@hollyamory This might be more useful since you can pick your own combinations and test them.


I want to get away from white on black because I'm looking to create several interest-based blogs on subdomains of my website and would like to visually differentiate them if I can do so without negatively impacting readability.

I totally understand people hating bots. :) 💛

@hollyamory red on black is the bane of my existence. my red (and green!) receptors don’t work, at all.

@hollyamory cool! contrast-ratio.com is also a really good tool I use to test this.

@hollyamory Thanks for the pointer, I was aware some of my websites might have that problem, but didn't know how to check; the bot had the links I needed on profile

@hollyamory @accessibleColors Nice! Shameless plug: I created a desktop colorpicker a while ago with contrast checking: github.com/agateau/colorpick

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