I'm sure Masto will be great for Tumblr exiles, but can I also recommend Dreamwidth?

It's seriously great, actually follows its principles, has always had fannish and lewd communities, can do longer-form things, has a way better comment system then Tumblr, and isn't going to be bought out by a big corporation.

And if you are new, or newly returning to social journaling for whatever reason. I recommend siderea's posts with friendly useful advice.

Also I guess there's a Dreamwidth community for people coming from now, for people to reconnect over there. the-great-tumblr-purge.dreamwi

A post-Tumblr fandom Dreamwidth community

Low-Effort Interaction on Dreamwidth

A ton of links aimed at tumblrweeds and other new people

@hollyamory Excellent suggestion. Much better than the hand-wringing going on over tumblr.

I just think blogging is a great thing but it's ancient in internet time and people might need reminding of good places to do it.

@hollyamory hey @frizzy_ky check out the recommendation in the post above

@webmind @hollyamory it syndicates via RSS and allows federated identity & commenting via OpenID, but it’s not part of the ActivityPub club

@webmind @hollyamory the codebase is over twenty years old, so I think in this case we can cut them some slack

(I wouldn’t be surprised if they add one of the activitypub platforms to their list of crossposting options though, they really do try to accommodate their users as much as possible)


Wasn't meant as a complaint or anything. But it would be nice.

LB: You can also find me at for those who prefer a longer format

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