For a uni project, my class needs native speakers of English who spent at least their childhood (ages 4 to 13) in the UK to do a quick survey!

If this is you, please consider helping us out: People love talking about how differently they talk from how other people talk, so I hope you have fun with it!

If it's not you, feel free to boost it.

We're actually going to be doing some cool science with the results we get, which I'm happy to talk about here once it's done.

Oh, one thing I should say is that the only gender options offered are male, female and prefer not to say, and you have to pick one. Sorry. There are Reasons for this, but it still sucks. I don't blame anyone who doesn't want to do the survey on that basis. :heart_nb:

@hollyamory omgosh I've never seen anyone else refer to the "give it me" thing - I say that (and similar sentences) much to my partner's amusement but I don't think it's something people from the South of England generally say I have no idea where I could've picked it up from 😂

@wolfie It's definitely something I hear all the time here (I live in Manchester) but hadn't ever heard before I moved here!

@hollyamory might be my dad then, he's from the West Midlands and went to uni in Leeds

@hollyamory @wolfie the book/spook question made me smile because the isogloss line runs right between where I lived until I was 11 and where I live now (and they are only 17.5 miles apart)

Interesting stuff as I was discussing this sort of thing with work colleagues recently (don't get us started on bread names...) and I'm particularly proud of the mixed dialects in the village I was raised in.

@hollyamory also please please share the results. I love hearing about different accents

This was fun.
Something that it maybe lacks is a question about where your parents came from, as distinct from where you lived at that young age. I'm sure my vocab is a mix of those places for me.

Well this was fun! Thank you for the opportunity. 😄

My problem was living in 9 different homes in 4 different cities between the ages of 4 and 13! (Almost as difficult as when I applied to immigrate and they wanted all my postal addresses since I was 16. All 27 of them! 🤪)

Plus UK post-codes didn’t exist when I was young, so I had to work two of them out (3 years in each) from a modern map.😁

Thank you for putting in that effort for us! 💛

And FWIW...
...all sound the same when I say them😄


I answered it. I think you might like my answer for my ‘Job’, lol.

I won't have any way of knowing which one is you. :)

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