By far the bellies I'm happiest to be seeing are the ones people barely post and might delete later.

I hope you don't feel that need but even if you do, know how badass you are for overcoming stigma and the society-level poison of body shame to take the pictures and to post the pictures in the first place. I love you so much and I love your bellies.

Another good thing about this is that people who maybe aren't awesome at receiving compliments are getting lots of practice at it!

I get it. I'm one of those people. I know how hard it is to not argue with them or deflect them. But I also vividly remember the first time I was on the other side of that: I wrote a whole paragraph of praise about my gf and she just replied "No." Just that one word! I know it was a self-esteem issue for her but it really sucked for me to be on the receiving end!

So I've tried not to do that since. I've realized that what seems like modesty and humility in my warped brain was in fact calling my friends liars, disparaging their judgment, and making the whole thing an unpleasant interaction.

So I do my best to avoid that now, and allow that my friends may be more correct than my depression. I am considering the possibility I may be mistaken about myself.

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