Oh may I always live in a world where someone has deciphered the Voynich manuscript every 3-6 months.

This one is delightfully bonkers: "Although the purpose and meaning of the manuscript had eluded scholars for over a century, it took Research Associate Dr. Gerard Cheshire two weeks, using a combination of lateral thinking and ingenuity, to identify the language and writing system of the famously inscrutable document."

Only a mixture of lateral thinking and ingenuity! TWO WEEKS!

"Cheshire explains in linguistic terms what makes the manuscript so unusual:"

No, he doesn't. Those are not linguistic terms.

"It includes diphthong, triphthongs, quadriphthongs and even quintiphthongs..."

Those terms get less linguistic as you go through the sentence. :) The last two he's just made up.

I'm just calling out "two weeks of lateral thinking and ingenuity" to Spouse at random times now, and I can't stop giggling every time I do. :)

I appreciated the ciphermysteries post's discussion of what's needed for a successful Voynich decipherment and how to assess them. I didn't appreciate its dismissal of historical linguistics as a field.

Yes I was surprised at what a harsh turn it took on an unexpected target there at the end!

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