Can't wait until the bingo meme goes away. I love you all but it's inaccessible af.

Reminder: OCR is the beginning and not the end of making your text accessible. It often outputs some garbage and always benefits from a look over and some cleaning up by a human. It is not magic and it doesn't mean there's no work left for you. Sorry.

@hollyamory People can DM the picture to OCRbot then use it as an image description directly on the picture once they've cleaned it up


As a woman that has studied machine learning since 2014 when time has permitted it, I can entirely verify this.

My IPA recognition algorithm is yet very naive and yet makes mistakes that it's training sets should have prevented despite the outcome of the training sets saying it.

That's after experimenting with different ways to numerically express and transform the sound waves into approximations to match what is the average of each syllable for highest reliability.

Pixels/shapes/shade combinations for training recognition is a considerable undertaking and is always skewed to the bias of the persons creating the training sets, which unfortunately lends to a need for oversight in Machine Learning to act against prejudices of the persons creating the training sets and overseeing said training.

Not only is it unreliable, it often times carries many prejudices to boot.

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