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(Take 2, now that I sorta know what I'm doing)

Hello all, Erik here. Currently doing a lot of , , and other cloudy tech things. My spouse and I are parents of two teenage boys and a ~5 year old boxer mix (rescue). My primary motivator each day is to cultivate hope, both in myself as well as those I come into contact with.

I’ve been living in the Twin Cities for ~25 years, and prior to that lived in west-central MN.

Current distraction:

I recently got a new mic/preamp setup for my workstation. Now I'm trying to sort out how it may be possible to route the audio through Logic Pro to apply a bit of EQ and Compression to the audio before being shipped off to Google Meet / etc.

This morning I'm thankful for coffee. Delicious hot coffee.


I sat down on the couch after returning home this evening and this sweetheart came over and laid down with her snoot on my lap. 🥰

Food, alc 

Tacos and beers acquired! Rode along the river on the way south and then took the long way around the lakes on the way back. ~25 miles in all, which was the longest I’ve biked in a very long time. I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow. 😁

It was a perfect fall evening, though, and great to be out and about.

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KilledByGoogle strikes again!

R.I.P. Stadia - the gaming platform they couldn't get anyone to develop for, for fear of Google nerfing it. lol.

Afternoon/evening plan: bike ride from office to Sea Salt. A couple beers, a couple fish tacos, then ride back. Should be a beautiful day for it, and I'll be glad to visit Sea Salt one last time this season.

Speaking of food delivery services, someone in Kampala, Uganda just used my "junk" gmail account to sign up for a meal delivery service and ordered themselves some KFC.


The exploitative idiots at DoorDash recently replaced the percentage-based tip selector with a dollar amount. And...on a ~$300 order, they're suggesting $2-4 tips?!? Unbelievable.

Luckily I caught it and entered a proper tip for the driver.

Food (non-veg) 

Impromptu Niku Udon this evening for the fam, inspired by Kenji Lopez-Alt’s recent video on it.

I sub’d chicken for the beef since that was all we had around, and didn’t have any green onions for garnish, so the fam just had to deal with the monochrome brown theme. 😂

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Also: if you're a manager, you do not get to unilaterally cancel 1-on-1's with your direct reports. That's *their* meeting. Schedule around them. Or ask permission. But cancelling them is you don't have time is your failure as a manager and it's some disenfranchising bullshit to your team.

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This known_hosts file has been following me around for a while. 🤦‍♂️

One of these days I'll get around to giving it the Konmarie treatment.

Two notes: 1) it looks like the shed is not level as compared to the fence. It’s actually the fence that is not level - this area of my yard is on a hill.
2) I am going to add another set of concrete blocks to support the middle of that span - it’s 8’, and I don’t trust those 2x4s to not give out once it’s loaded with firewood.

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I’m in deep now.

The firewood shed we got with the house literally fell over last winter (due to rotting wood). So now I’m building a new one.


Cheers! Happy Friday, everyone!

(photo taken from my webcam - guess this is how others see me all day while on video meetings)

NGL, I’m quite tempted to purchase this Trombone Champ game. It being PC-only at the moment is the only thing keeping me from doing it.

I’ve had so many great laughs in the past 24 hours, watching videos of people playing it.

Flannel, jeans, Redwing Boots. Finally!

I think it’s time to cull the ol’ bin-o-cables. 😳

(Somewhere in its depths is a minidisc player and a 2nd gen iPod)

I've noticed this text rendering bug since the first day I upgraded to iOS 16, but just now was the first time I was fast enough to grab a screenshot of it.

It's only there periodically. If I let the screen go to sleep and then wake it again, that font will be rendered properly.

In the short term, I wonder how much power consumption would be reduced by yanking one of the two CPUs and the GPU. Hmmmm.

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