Hey MSP friends, check out the first set of plans for the future of the River Gorge: surveymonkey.com/r/9Y7PTCQ

Comments accepted through October 25th. It's not the best format, but you should look and comment anyhow.

This papalo was sold to me as an "herb" but it is looking a lot more like a "tree"

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"I wonder how the cryptocurrency world is going…"

*logs into Twitter*


Unbelievably, I have two different client projects right now that both use time zones incorrectly and both need to be un-fucked, probably by me. Come on, giant meteor, blow us back to the Stone Age already.

As a programmer, what's even less fun than dealing with time zones? Dealing with inherited production code that handles time zones incorrectly 😩

Today's small blessing: living close enough to St. Paul to be able to spectate on Nextdoor as people lose their minds about city trash collection 🍿 :flag_stp: πŸ”₯

Prime grade Duluth jokes going on here

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Welp, it's good to know where you stand in the order of things...

Hi it's me from the past, checking in on y'all in 2021 or so when you're complaining that Slack is so horrible and why did we cede all of our networks to them. Anyhow, just time traveled on by to say "I told you so". Bye now!

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