My goodness, have you all seen the lineup for ?

It is a really really good lineup, is why I ask.

Today's the day, as it turns out. The day I go fucking apeshit on the pro-golf people on Nextdoor.

Currently trying to teach a stranger from Craigslist how to unregister a phone number from Signal HOW'S YOUR NIGHT GOING

Ain't nobody does passive-aggressive sarcasm like Minnesotans on Nextdoor 😹

Hey local peeps, if you encounter a bike lane in Minneapolis this winter that is unplowed or otherwise poorly maintained, could you take photos and send them to me? I'm gonna try to collect some documentation and see if I can get it to the right people.

Alas, it would seem that I have yet again abandoned Mastodon. I feel bad about it because I believe in the federation and I want to support a healthy community, but I just don't feel a strong desire for extensive social media in my life right now. I so successfully purged FB and Twitter long ago that diving back in feels like sacrificing too much of my time and attention, which are in short supply right now. I may be back someday, but for now it's probably gonna be only very sporadic.


Hope everyone is enjoying this Mailchimp server outage as a reminder that every link in your inbox is now hostage to a private corporation thanks to marketers' desire to track your every move

I passive-aggressively filled out the Hiawatha visioning form with a bunch of things that are incompatible with a golf course:

Hey MSP friends, check out the first set of plans for the future of the River Gorge:

Comments accepted through October 25th. It's not the best format, but you should look and comment anyhow.

This papalo was sold to me as an "herb" but it is looking a lot more like a "tree"

web development 

If I have one more designer tell me they are "not a fan of CSS frameworks" and "prefer their own minimal grid system" I am going to lose my @#*%ing mind

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you don't love Fridays you hate capitalism

"I wonder how the cryptocurrency world is going…"

*logs into Twitter*


Unbelievably, I have two different client projects right now that both use time zones incorrectly and both need to be un-fucked, probably by me. Come on, giant meteor, blow us back to the Stone Age already.

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As a programmer, what's even less fun than dealing with time zones? Dealing with inherited production code that handles time zones incorrectly 😩

Today's small blessing: living close enough to St. Paul to be able to spectate on Nextdoor as people lose their minds about city trash collection 🍿 :flag_stp: 🔥

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