Using up my Google Play complimentary balance, I rented Star Trek: Generations. Wow I remember that movie ... differently.

@iamdoon Cripes, the RDS stuff in CloudFormation feels incredibly fragile and dangerous. Doesn't support serverless v2, the default policy is to blow away your data if you update the wrong thing, you cannot create a multi-az cluster, and you're forced to provide the database master password in the template (rather than it being auto-generated)? This feels like it's not usable for us.

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Windows 11 is fine

caller says "can't disclose who i'm with," well then buddy. in that case i'm not disclosing who i'm going to support in the election, have a good rest of your shift


Also: if you're a manager, you do not get to unilaterally cancel 1-on-1's with your direct reports. That's *their* meeting. Schedule around them. Or ask permission. But cancelling them is you don't have time is your failure as a manager and it's some disenfranchising bullshit to your team.

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I feel bad, but not that bad, for my new boss. He didn't know he was going to have to manage me.

This is now the second time today I misread the word "chipset" as "cishet" and it was just as hilarious as the first time.

I have lost nearly this entire weekend to The Factory Game That Rewards Micro-optimizing And That I Paid For Long Before They Associated Themselves With That Gross Misogynist and it's oddly telling how I only give myself downtime when my compulsion basically forces me to.

Of the 10 or so engineers I'm supporting, only one of them routinely comes to me with enough information that I can help without further clarifying communication. Unfortunately, that engineer is one that really needs me the least.

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If there is any skill I wish I could teach, it would be how to effectively ask questions. I lose so much motivation in the round trips of "sorry, what is this about?" and "but what are you trying to do?" and "is there a reason why you're specifically doing it this way?". Give context. Give basic rationale. "this isn't working" isn't a question.

Unfortunately, slapping my own head has only woken up the cat, and not me, as intended.

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Alright. I have a template that creates a VPC and exports the necessary subnet IDs, and another template that imports that info to create a load balancer, Redis cache, ECS cluster, and other miscellany for this one app. While I *have* validated these templates for syntax, I haven't tested them at all. This stands to get real, real messy.

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I have a very clear idea of what I want to do and how it needs to be done. But I absolutely don't know how to overcome one specific thing and I feel really stuck. In this situation, it's constructing an ECS task definition in CloudFormation that sources secrets from an entire ssm parameter store path. More critically, I don't want to decrypt any secure values, just reference the names. I think I need to make a custom resource but I don't know how.

Oh no. Post-mortem call is in 10ish minutes ... and the problem that triggered the incident just returned. This is not going to be a fun call.

He says, taking his phone into the bathroom without questioning it

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I wish it wasn't weird/gross to take coffee into the bathroom. Because I totally would.

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A phrase that my mind has been turning over for a couple hours: "if you give a boss a spreadsheet" - in the manner of "if you give a mouse a cookie"


I know that "sfc /scannow" is a Windows fix-everything meme, but my internal keyboard was dead on this laptop and incredibly that worked to fix it. I'm blown away.

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