Debian on WSL provides Go 1.15, which is no longer supported for building Go tip (ie what will be Go 1.20) so I've automated building the minimum build environment from scratch and bootstrapping, because that is more fun than throwing in the towel and just pulling the built binaries from upstream like I should be.

Every once in a while I check to see if the settlement I opted into back in 2015 will ever pay out. Looking forward to that check for $13!

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And again, for a CHILD, with an EAR INFECTION, this $90 bill was "in network" for my health insurance. The FUCK? If I don't have a car, I'm going to bus at least 3 hours with my sick kid for the fucking privilege to get a qualified doctor to acknowledge what I ALREADY KNOW, just so they can give my kid a sticker? Fuck this country. Fuck this whole thing. God DAMN I'm enraged.

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I'm not, like, on the :bancars: bandwagon, but it's UNBELIEVABLE that the only place we could go to be seen that day would have been impossible to reach by bus without 3+ hours of commute time or biking with an 11 year old (with AN EAR INFECTION) for 2 hours, by the way. I drove, because I have the privilege to be able to afford and use a car, and it still took 25 minutes each way just to be seen the same day.

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You know, it's pretty fucking appalling that "the greatest country in the world" or "the best health care system in the world" has the AUDACITY to bill a parent $90 to diagnose an ear infection for an 11 year old kid. It's a fucking ear infection. We waited hours for this appointment, at which the doctor went "yep, looks like an ear infection", and the only place that had an available same-day appointment was north of fucking BLAINE. For an EAR INFECTION.


Still going. What's annoying is I would have expected even a transient error at this point, over 32gb of memory.

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It's always a good time to throw a couple of multimeter probes in a wall socket on high load days and see the invisible rollercoaster struggle all around us.

Announcement just went out that I (and several of my co-workers) have a new boss, and I'm ... weirdly turned off by it all. I don't know why it's bothering me so much.

Nothing like your 30's to make you question "sudden severe heartburn, or heart attack?"

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The neighbor kids have this terrible beater car, which, in my estimation, they have only made worse since getting it earlier this spring. Listening to them try to get it down the street in front of my house as it struggles to run, I want to lean out of a window and admonish them to "put it in H" but I'm already the weird old guy on my block so I'll refrain.

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I wrote an article about accessing USB storage directly via WSL2.

Slack draft message that reads "Unrelated, but " including the trailing space.

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I put in an IT ticket because we use a vendor that uses a federated login flow that triggers my org's firewall's phishing detection. Have been back and forth with this IT person, who hit me this morning with "do you have your browser set to prefer unencrypted connections" and I do not have any idea where to start with that.

Today's goal is to not miss lunch. So I'll just go ahead and set a... reminder... here...

I know a lot of folks went back to Twitter, but I'm really happy to be here, still.

Just feels better. Slower, happier, more constructive.

Alright, alright, I'm giving up; I've connected the damn dehumidifier to the floor drain. This is my Old Man Literally Yells At Cloud moment, thank you

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Well, a full week with a M1 Pro processor in a MacBook, and I am not detecting any performance improvement for my workflow. Not terribly surprised, but really tired of the fervor over Apple hardware. There's no there there.

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