"Myoclonic Jerk? That was in an episode of House, right? Please god just let me sleep"

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On Wikipedia. Need sleep. "...Prodrome? I don't know that word. Alright ... one more article." 10 minutes later, "please Wikipedia, no, I need to sleep, I can't read an article ... about ... Apophenia? Huh, sounds interesting..."

Good news: I have been remarkably productive this weekend. New water filter, filtered water spigot, and ice machine connection, as well as a new dedicated 15 amp outlet for the dishwasher with nicely loomed/managed cable, all for the girlfriend's place.

Bad news: I twisted slightly to the left this morning and now I can't walk around or stand normally.

Being handy and also being poly means you end up doing a lot of favors. 😅

Mental health 

... Then pausing to post this, before going back to searching for a whiteboard

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Mental health 

ADHD is deciding we need to focus, thinking "I should close my office door", then "I should put a sign up so the kids leave me alone", then "This could really use a whiteboard", then spending 25 minutes looking for a whiteboard.


In either case, it definitely has some impact on the air I guess!

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I haven't looked at cars in nearly a decade now, but I'm talking with a friend through their options. During this, I came across the phrase "aerodynamic spoiler" and I can't decide whether that's an oxymoron or whether it's redundant, but otherwise the word "aerodynamic" here is hilarious.

14/2 high voltage cabling at 50 cents a foot makes me kick myself for wasting so much when I was a new homeowner. $125 in cable for one project 😭

That feeling when you handwave a figure in a discussion, someone latches on to it firmly as "very concerning", sweating, realizing it was very much a ballpark estimate, so you spend the next two hours cranking out a spreadsheet which shows, in fact, the figure was bang-on perfect. Nobody should let me near computers.

I have had 2.5 weeks to prepare for this meeting. The meeting is now 27 minutes away. Guess it's time to start on that.

Look, I'm way into waste reduction and conservation, but I'm not going to buy "Used - Good condition" lightbulbs, Amazon

Today's American holiday 

If you have the kind of relationship with your mom that you can call/text/hug them, don't forget to do that today.

I modified a cabinet and installed a dishwasher where a dishwasher didn't belong today. It was nice overcoming self doubt about it. Still anxious though.

Today's struggle: configuring myself for cleaning, earbuds in, shuffle his a great 6 minute track, but it takes 23 minutes to listen to the whole thing due to interruptions.

It's 2022 and I'm making a URL shortener. Living the dream.

Aviation has some of the best formal terminology. "Mach tuck." "Coffin corner."

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