"Myoclonic Jerk? That was in an episode of House, right? Please god just let me sleep"

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On Wikipedia. Need sleep. "...Prodrome? I don't know that word. Alright ... one more article." 10 minutes later, "please Wikipedia, no, I need to sleep, I can't read an article ... about ... Apophenia? Huh, sounds interesting..."

@lawremipsum I mean, this literally happened with Sony shipping audio CDs that auto-installed a Windows rootkit. I don't know that the supply chain needs to even be "compromised" per se for random media to be unsafe 😞

@derek @alex SAW vol II was my first electronica-adjacent album, so it'll always have a bit of a special place for me, but yeah it is not peak RDJ.

@alex @derek Never thought I'd see hot Aphex Twin takes on my tootline.

Good news: I have been remarkably productive this weekend. New water filter, filtered water spigot, and ice machine connection, as well as a new dedicated 15 amp outlet for the dishwasher with nicely loomed/managed cable, all for the girlfriend's place.

Bad news: I twisted slightly to the left this morning and now I can't walk around or stand normally.

Being handy and also being poly means you end up doing a lot of favors. 😅

Mental health 

... Then pausing to post this, before going back to searching for a whiteboard

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Mental health 

ADHD is deciding we need to focus, thinking "I should close my office door", then "I should put a sign up so the kids leave me alone", then "This could really use a whiteboard", then spending 25 minutes looking for a whiteboard.

@vkc The best/worst part is that it was hardly more than (essentially) JSON via IRC. But because Google was backing it, it stood a chance of ending up getting traction. Today, anything similar would languish in irrelevance.

@vkc YES. I think about Wave as an interesting real-time federated protocol that could have been the basis for *so much*.

Home improvement 

@kacey Probably a little late to the game here, but I have a first generation Nest Learning Thermostat that works fine, if you would like it.


In either case, it definitely has some impact on the air I guess!

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I haven't looked at cars in nearly a decade now, but I'm talking with a friend through their options. During this, I came across the phrase "aerodynamic spoiler" and I can't decide whether that's an oxymoron or whether it's redundant, but otherwise the word "aerodynamic" here is hilarious.

14/2 high voltage cabling at 50 cents a foot makes me kick myself for wasting so much when I was a new homeowner. $125 in cable for one project 😭

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