Using up my Google Play complimentary balance, I rented Star Trek: Generations. Wow I remember that movie ... differently.

@iamdoon Oh my **goodness** how did I miss GenerateStringKey? This solves a couple problems for me, this is huge!

@iamdoon Agreed. If we could pivot to postgres I'd be over the moon. Sorry, I should have mentioned Aurora. We're beholden to an ancient php app, and it keeps paying the bills, sooo ....

@iamdoon On snapshots, you have to opt in with the DeletePolicy and UpdatePolicy attributes, but that doesn't stop the fact that your app is now pointing at an empty cluster on a deploy. I wish you could specify UpdatePolicy: fail

@iamdoon Cripes, the RDS stuff in CloudFormation feels incredibly fragile and dangerous. Doesn't support serverless v2, the default policy is to blow away your data if you update the wrong thing, you cannot create a multi-az cluster, and you're forced to provide the database master password in the template (rather than it being auto-generated)? This feels like it's not usable for us.

computers, hot take 

Windows 11 is fine

caller says "can't disclose who i'm with," well then buddy. in that case i'm not disclosing who i'm going to support in the election, have a good rest of your shift


Also: if you're a manager, you do not get to unilaterally cancel 1-on-1's with your direct reports. That's *their* meeting. Schedule around them. Or ask permission. But cancelling them is you don't have time is your failure as a manager and it's some disenfranchising bullshit to your team.

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I feel bad, but not that bad, for my new boss. He didn't know he was going to have to manage me.

Cynical take re vaccine availability 

@stelepami @FromtheAbyss This is how I felt too. In fact, when they started handing out just actual cash to parents to get them to cart their kids in, they created a perverse incentive: if they waited longer, the cash reward would increase. Lo and behold, it did; rewarding parents for keeping their kids unprotected for longer.


@FromtheAbyss @t54r4n1 Mall of America is transit friendly and supposedly is doing walk-ins

@reese Yeah, I had the same reaction. Though consensus seems to be "don't solve what LUKS has already solved" ... but I wouldn't be unhappy with file-level encryption in an otherwise spectacular filesystem.

@excitedfermion Ah yes, and then the inevitable discussion about "cancel culture" and comparisons to 80's soviet thought police came out of the woodwork yielding more wasted energy and CPU time than a moderately-sized factory.

@reese Oooh, let me know if you/they want any free 6-foot data racks. I can't remember how many RU they are but they *are* in my basement gathering cobwebs.

@reese You can, although if you are using the zero-latency type of UPS that generates the AC waveform all the time even when online, doing two in sync is likely to introduce harmonic distortions in the output wave. Generally, though, when I've been working with a rack that needed more than one UPS can offer, I've erred on splitting the total load across them instead of chaining them.

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