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Well, I hope the power doesn't go out with the storm.


Oh, I remember now why I turned the hardware watchdog thing on in my home server BIOS. It's because the whole thing locks up randomly every couple weeks. It's all coming back to me now.

health -- and food i guess 

Have I been feeling worse and worse over the last few days because I've been eating garbage and drinking nothing but coffee?



In precisely the same way, we need to challenge the idea that the "crypto markets crashed" (every time that happens) and instead ask who is walking away with the cash. It's not gone.

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This continues to boggle my mind. This article says half a trillion dollars were wiped out. But ... that's not how it works. It went *somewhere*. The money wasn't set ablaze and lost. What is problematic is when we don't question *where* it went.

@reese Weren't you having an issue with X11 forwarding over SSH? Could this be the fix, if it's still broken?

one thing being openly and loudly queer around everyone I'm not related to for ten years now has taught me is that there are an absolute shitload of closeted bi cis dudes

I can't tell you how many times I've been told, "I'm bi (but it's a secret)" or "I'm bi (but my wife doesn't know)"

let cis men be bi imo

I'm a senior devops engineer. I've been using Linux for literally over 20 years. I've configured dozens of physical servers and countless virtual servers. Also: I accidentally enabled the watchdog timer in my home server BIOS somehow, and it took me 2 months to figure out why it would consistently reboot 30 seconds after startup.

Every step of the coffee making process this morning went wrong, so I've exhausted all of my "go-wronginess" for the day. Statistically, everything will be perfect.

I have to continue onboarding the new hire today and I am having an incredibly hard time setting my brain to "interact with folks"

i keep posting computers i'm sorry 

My final brain cells may now rest for eternity, having written test cases for Daylight Saving Time boundary conditions.

"Flowers for Algorithm" is such a good username, I'm mad I never thought of it.

work! at the saturday 

Also "double-down" in that last post is an extremely generous characterization. Maybe single-down. Or something.

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work! at the saturday 

Alright, having had some space to process and think and plan, the situation with my team losing its most senior person (leaving me and a brand-new hire) does present some opportunity. By the end of this month, zero people will remain who have any emotional connection to our legacy ops infra. This seems like it's a perfect opportunity now to double-down on CloudFormation and grow up as an organization. "It's new and scary" is no longer going to be a sufficient excuse.

mental health 

Anxious. There's a lot of new uncertainty today. Feeling the strong pull of distractions. Goodness I need to get myself in to see a doctor.

tired: everybody at work is going to remember that dumb thing i said one time, how embarassing
wired: probably nobody at work remembers the dumb thing i said
inspired: everybody at work that i respect is quitting, i'm finally free of my cringe

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Well god damn it, now I'm the recipient of bad news at work. :hacker_f:

selfie, no eye contact 

Well, I rarely ever work outside, so naturally the day I do there's a surprise downpour 😂

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