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covid-19, medical care 

Booked booster shots for both the kids, but disappointed to learn they're not eligible for the new "bivalent" formulations that target the current strains of covid. They're only approved for 12 years old and older. But set 'em up for flu shots too. Booked a bivalent booster (ie the new one) for Thursday, also with flu. Spouse booked a bivalent booster for Friday. Here's hoping we are all sufficiently protected in light of the little one's return to in-person school.

I'm becoming that person who orders massive drain cleaner jugs in bulk on the internet. I'm probably on a watchlist.

overt ageism 

The best part of this self-own is how the button *actually* said <I'm Feeling Lucky> but I had what amounted to a senior moment and I couldn't remember the correct phrase, making this a bonus director's cut blu-ray special edition self-own

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overt ageism 

"okay google, what does upside down smiley face mean" <I Feel Lucky>

<YouTube voice> Hey everybody what's up how's it going I'm Chris and welcome back to Am I Hungry Or Am I Just Sad

Wow, it's been a while since my carpel tunnel has flared up. I'd gotten so disciplined with posture and taking breaks, I don't know what happened.


"You can't coddle the new hire, let them fail" -- "Why is this taking so long, this should have been done days ago"
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work complaining 

This is not an indictment of New Boss; they've been very kind and helpful, but have also made their interests very plain in becoming actively involved in the day-to-day devops work rather than their broader commitments to the engineering teams they also oversee. That's the rub, for me. They're not mandating a daily standup with product engineers, just devops. They're not doing over-the-shoulder reviews of product work, just devops. So I guess it's time to go.

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work complaining 

Every meeting we have as a devops group, it seems to further cement that the New Boss is not interested in my career progression and that I am going to need to look for work elsewhere if I don't want to be an individual contributor for the next decade.


I fear I'm becoming an emotional support crutch for someone in my life and I am struggling with how to push back on it. For sure this person is experiencing their share of genuine personal hardship and loss; I don't begrudge them the things they're feeling. But when my phone rings it is often a coinflip for whether the call is just me listening to their self-destructive monologue, self-doubt, and self-loathing. My well of emotional energy runs low.

computers (specifically aws) 

My profound disappointment when I learned that you can't tag individual Route53 records is palpable. @iamdoon knows what I'm talking about.

Social media uses the terms "like" and "favorite" in a way that I think is incompatible with how almost everybody uses the features bearing those labels. At least in English, these should be called "yeah" buttons. That is all.

money, home ownership 

Squished around a couple budgets and with careful planning, it looks like we're going to fully own our house by the end of the year. The final payment to the lender will be December 23rd. After that, the only debt left is my spouse's student loans. We're so close.

Love is building a series of shell scripts to bisect a kernel boot issue on a machine that doesn't matter.

work! and complaining! 

New boss mandates a new daily meeting for status updates. Also, in conversation about improving/updating our architecture atlas, mentions "everybody getting together in the office", despite us definitely being a fully-remote-full-time team.

mental health 

What is it about being the center of attention for any length of time that puts my self-harm ideation into turbo mode

Sometimes I think about how you can just get nice button-up shirts made with any random embroidered logo now. If I ever went anywhere anymore, I'd absolutely order a set with "unemployed" in a nice fancy typeface.

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