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If you can afford it, donate to your instance. It's not paid by advertisers- your admin relies on the support of tooters like you.

One part of being a server admin and having users is understanding that you’re now responsible for potentially critical communications infrastructure that other people will be relying on.

Tip for new #Mastodon users: every day people on here post something like "I'm a little goblin guy and I'm gonna get ya!!" Don't worry about that, it's not actually true

The plums
They escaped the icebox
The plums were sweet


Haha, damn it, it wasn't the motherboard.

Oh no -- Chrome won't render the complete description of that image 😅

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Alright, replaced the motherboard after trying nearly everything else. I refuse to toss this thing in a dumpster.

A number of people have asked me if I think that governments should run Mastodon instances for citizens. There may be exceptions, but I don't think governments should be in this business, for a variety of reasons.

However, I do think that *Libraries* would be *amazing* hosts for public federated social media communities. Just sayin'.


"this is a fake pci-e 16x port, it's actually only 4x"
Real things said by the deranged
They have played us for absolute fools

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The problem with being a computer person is the number of computers that are suddenly Your Problem

if you're having boy problems I'm sorry you're feeling down, i got 99 boys and they're back in town

money and home ownership stuff 

It took almost 15 years, but we paid off the house yesterday. But it should never have cost $272,400 for a box on top of some dirt.

Fuck banks, fuck mortgages, and specifically fuck speculative real estate investments.


I bought some pizza rolls. Unprompted while checking out, I looked up, pointed at the two bags, and said "these are for kids". I meant to say "these are for MY kids" but to be honest, I don't know why I said anything at all. The cashier blankly looked back at me and said "... okay" and then I crumbled into dust.


Do you ever feel like some folk's only job function is to be in as many synchronous meetings as possible? Just, like, single-handedly keeping the company Zoom account showing usage?

Social Media Marketing is... 

Growing up as an ADHD kid in the neurotypical world truly has prepared me for this.

I am certain that makes sense to somebody out there.

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I know this is going to be one of these weird things where I'm going to try to work it into conversation just to use it. Internally I'm apologizing to my girlfriend in advance.

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food adjacent 

I learned the word dysgeusia today, and I'm obsessing over the shape of it. It's like a word rollercoaster.

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