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Hi! I'm new here, like many of us. To those of you who have been here a while, I'm sorry.

I'm an artist, designer, queer lady, mom, and a gardener. I've got opinions about stuff that mostly no one cares about. Anyway, save the bees, wear a mask, and don't let people tell you what to do. I don't make a great first impression (usually too quiet or awkward), so eh? Come back in a week?

This garden includes: an established vanilla sundae hydrangea, Russian sage, coreopsis, daylily, coral bells, autumn joy sedum, dark embers sedum, butterfly weed, blazing star, baptisia, pomegranate yarrow, walker junior catmint, blanket flower, salvia, purple coneflower, upright Veronica, anise hyssop, 3 chokeberry shrubs, garden glow dogwood, native grasses, asters, rubeckia and spring bulbs.

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Spent the cloudy cooler days of the weekend ripping out plants that need more water than our full sun, acrid, well-drained soil under a spruce tree will provide.

Salvia doesn't transplant well, but I think everything made it. Native plants arrive in 3 weeks to pop in the gaps and hopefully over take the non-native stuff. (I picked bully plants here because nothing wants to thrive so something is better than nothing)

Our new doorbell is coming from the UK. Because they know how to make a modern-day wireless doorbell button that isn't shitty looking.

Took the doorbell button off to try and find one I like better- only to find a bit of corrosion on the board under the battery. Cleaned it- now it doesn't work. Apparently the corrosion was required.

Why are good wireless doorbells hard to find? (And I guess more importantly, why was it a fad to cut the wires to the hardwired kind?)

Lost our pumpkin plant to a cheap metal arbor failing in the wind today.

I babied the thing all summer- killing squash bugs and hand twining the tendrils up the arbor.

Next summer I'll be making a wooden arbor. Anyone made one? Did you cement yours in like it was a fence post?

The people want to know, @system76 & @pop_os_official (and by people, I mean @vkc ) do you have any plans for a Pop_os! zip-up or hoodie? It would probably be her favorite article of clothing ever. This is something that gets asked about several times a month in our house.

Got about a million mosquito bites last night. They haven't been bothering me at all today until I lightly brushed them with my shoelace while taking off my shoe. Now I am consumed with itch.

Alright- it's happening! Our front garden in the drip line of the neighbor's huge spruce tree is getting xeroscaped for pollinators and birds. Almost nothing from the rest of our gardens likes to grow there so blending garden types has been a challenge. I've spent the entire summer planning waterwise perennial combinations that like to bake in dry soil and will provide interest all year with cascading blooms and interesting forms.

Just need to pick the ground cover now. Sedum or thyme?


I made homemade (vegetarian) sushi bowls last night for dinner. They were so good! It's nearly 24 hours later and I'm still thinking about it. It's times like this that I wish I actually followed real recipes so it could be duplicated.

Found me some salt and pepper shakers that come with a lead warning on them.

It's 2022! Why is lead in a salt and pepper shaker?!

My favorite soup recipe is scrawled on the 2020 census info paper because I'm bad at physical paper. Please tell me I'm not the only person who does this? How do you keep track of your recipes or notes? Like an organized person?

(this is a genuine question. I am **very** bad at paper)

Not only is it more comfortable to have an air temperature home, the body is more equipped to handle high outdoor temperature if inside isn't an icebox.

And need I mention the climate implications of using an air conditioner like there aren't consequences.

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Chatting with people who live in new houses (1980-now) about the oddities of living in an older home is so funny. They look at you like you're a cave person while just explaining that your bedroom doesn't have proper airflow because there aren't any air returns upstairs, so you only run the air outside of the heat of the day, otherwise downstairs is too cold.

"Wow! I need my air conditioning! Haha" vs. Making things in old houses work, just as the 4 generations that came before us did.

Looking for jobs on a Friday night is the new having a small party and playing games with your friends. This is 30's.

😫 Canadian thistle has invaded our yard in one corner. I've been fighting it since spring this year but I need the neighbor to take care of their side of the corner in order to truly eradicate it. I think I'll have to lasagna layer cardboard and thickly mulch this fall.

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Do I know anyone at the Linux Foundation? My wife @jacqui just applied for a production artist position there and we'd love to learn more about it.

(Boosts welcome!)

Saw a job I thought would be interesting- nearly applied to the sucker. In the veerrrry fine print it states that the job is for some Republican thing.

I decided not to take Putin's money.

I wonder if Canadians poison the air with sulfur and big booms on Canada day?

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Our house has had broken concrete since before we moved in. We finally got it taken out and upgraded our trip to the garage with a nice brick path. Bonus move is that our deck that sat against the property line got moved so we added quite a bit of extra garden space too. Only took 4 days from start to finish for me to lay this pathway. The most difficult part was making sure the materials arrived at all. I'd do it again. Super easy and very quaint.

Why is "front yard" two words but "backyard" is one?

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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