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Hi! I'm new here, like many of us. To those of you who have been here a while, I'm sorry.

I'm an artist, designer, queer lady, mom, and a gardener. I've got opinions about stuff that mostly no one cares about. Anyway, save the bees, wear a mask, and don't let people tell you what to do. I don't make a great first impression (usually too quiet or awkward), so eh? Come back in a week?

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Working on some hand built mugs with a heart texture so you’ll be able to feel the love. #ceramics #workinprogress #clay #maker #artist #mastoart

Shopping + Politics 

Has me wondering how many conservative people are sharing these books in a huff because "not their kid!" or "the agenda" or something. Not to mention, I didn't search for this. So how many kids are searching for something unrelated and being bombarded with suggestions that they need to "reflect" on who they are. As if there is something wrong with them.

This is truly why algorithms are not a welcome part in my life.

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Shopping + Politics 

While searching for a math book for kids, the suggested and more to search titles kept suggesting self help, coming out guides, gender workbooks, and a random "tales from an ex-cop" conservative bio.

I have some obvious concerns about the algorithm here.

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Update- food 

I have consumed a disgusting amount of these with zero regrets.

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I took this photo for a music that I directed and produced. It is about how grief can change person but the love between each of them will never fade. #photography #photo #artist :blobcat: :blobcatpat:

Dog + Food 

Our dog is not food motivated at all. She doesn't jump or hop around when we're getting food. She'd rather sleep in a warm bed than come down for her breakfast.

I just fed her and she ate a kernel from my hand and followed me out of the room.

I don't know what to do with a dog like this. Is this a problem that she wont eat if she isn't hungry? Sometimes she puts herself to bed without eating all of her dinner. We've tried lots of different foods, so it isn't kibble, it's just her.

It's not a renovation if it happens so gradually you don't really notice.

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I'm slowly moving our kitchen in from storage. 1/3 of the way there!

Not bad for a work in progress that got moved before it could be developed. After I accidentally moved it, I had to reconstruct the leaf layout before continuing. Here's to hoping I can get the shadows completed on an under layer before I move it again.

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Ahh shoot. I moved a plant that I started drawing yesterday. I have my basic sketch down, but the lighting and direction of shadows on the many leaves wasn't completely transcribed.

Shipping & tech vent 

Fedex is the worst shipping company. It has nothing to do with the deliveries that get thrown to our door, it has to do with the tech stack they use that is seemingly guessing every step of the delivery process.

I don't think we've ever had a package arrive on-time with fedex. That's not the driver's fault. I blame the company that uses a faulty back end inventory management and reporting system.

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I have an #alttext best practice question. If the toot text is the description, do we still need alt text?

Example: I post a pic of some bread with the toot text "here's some bread I made this afternoon." Do I also need alt text that explains again that it's a pic of bread? Or is that obnoxious to hear twice?

A question about literal wood 

Background: I have built tables before- but our favorite one I made of pine and finished with homemade stain of vinegar and steel. So I'm comfortable with the work.

Here's my question: I want to make a "working table" for our dining room. One that looks beautiful *and* can take a beating- you know like an old hardened workbench. Kinda like old heart pine.

Will I regret it if I use walnut for this tasK? I lurve walnut, but it isn't really workbench wood either.

this thought brought on by the volume of kid-sized socks picked up from around our house.

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At what point in life to we decide we like socks?

I used to be so anti-sock (throwing them off the second I got home from school) and now I cannot live without them for the cold months. Summer though- no thanks!

Seriously the Legos sold now have 90% specialty bricks. It is really grinding my gears! Just let the kids make stuff!

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