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Last night, the Minneapolis City Planning Commission completed its 2022 calendar.

All told, the CPC permitted the fifth most housing units in a year since the Great Recession. It permitted more units than last year, but significantly fewer than the annual counts of 2018-20.

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Come hang out with us next Thursday, the 15th! You'll have sneak peek access to our land use survey results and connect with your fellow More Neighbors advocates!
*Our member socials are always on the THIRD THURS, so mark your calendars*
RSVP here > fb.me/e/3PtFGsOi5

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Look for our Volunteer Coordinator, Alexa, when you come to testify against downzoning at City Hall today at 4:30! She can't wait to see you there & walk you through what to do. More deets 👉 bit.ly/3HbRSJa

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One small example of my cis privilege is being able to have the conversations with cis coworkers who inadvertently use the wrong pronouns for someone who used to work at the front desk and it doesn't hurt me.

When I correct folks, they can be defensive at me "I didn't mean to! I'm not trying to disrespect <person>, I'm just not used to it!" and <person> isn't even in the room, doesn't have to deal with that fragile attitude.

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Check out this handy organizing toolkit for tenants with a step-by-step guide and example letters.

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But by organizing together, we have the power to get our housing needs meet. Don't know where to start? Check out our organizing toolkit for tenants!

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There's still time to ask the Planning Commission to protect the Minneapolis 2040 plan. Stand up, insist that we make space for @MoreNeighbors@twitter.com, stop a precedent of caving in to a few people afraid of change.

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This amendment is recommended for approval on Monday 👎This would be a step BACK from our climate-forward policies that encourage appropriate density along corridors with frequent transit access. Email the city planners today 👉 bit.ly/3VmCqxR twitter.com/MoreNeighbors/stat

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City staff have recommended approval of the proposed Van Buren Comprehensive Plan Amendment. This follows years of staff defending Minneapolis 2040 for projects on Van Buren. Take action with Neighbors for @MoreNeighbors@twitter.com and share your support for housing! actionnetwork.org/letters/van-

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Does this make sense to tweet? lol
If you're leaving twitter you DON'T have to leave N4MN!
Stay connected with us on Mastodon @moreneighbors

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Kia ora toot friends. (Hello in Māori language)
Tonight I am bringing some #transport, #bikes, #cycling, #urbanism and #antiCar #memes.
I hope you enjoy them and are radicalised like I am. Once you start seeing how we've been trapped by #carDependency you cannot unsee it again.
Let's fight for space for people, cities that are walkable, accesible, clean, green and safe.
Of course, please contribute your own memes to the thread and also radicalise your family, workmates and friends!

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You can't keep Chris Meyer away from the Planning Commission. He's coming back in 2023. He'd previously held the Park Board seat on the Commission. This time he'll be a mayoral appointment.

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Read our recent blog post about Signature Cafe & the real impacts of Mpls zoning.

"Zoning in Mpls aims to protect neighborhoods from the imagined harms of having a cafe next door."


My first attempt this decade isn't perfect but it's Dagrun's stitch. Time to knit luggar with her pattern.

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I'm supposed to plan and prep for Thanksgiving this weekend, but instead, I'm going to practice this novel bind-off stitch.

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People who want developers to build more affordable housing before they support zoning reform are making exactly the same mistake—or committing exactly the same sabotage—as people who don't want transit agencies to increase bus service until more people start riding.

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The knitting expert and I met up for more than an hour yesterday. It was a wonderful hour obsessing over bind-off techniques, ending in mystery and a request to borrow the sock for a control while trying out theories.

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Help N4MN Protect Our Name! We are 2/5 of the way to our goal. We need support & the message amplified.

⭐️ Please SHARE and donate to support N4MN and protect the name we have built for ourselves. ⭐️


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