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What have I gotten myself into?! 4 instruction books, 37 bags, over 6,000 pieces!

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A packed roll-top lunchbag makes a fine :transit: coffee holder.

I’m having a hard time watching
people reject reality tonight.

New word:

Prodestrian – expert pedestrian; city dweller who sees the folly of and dangers posed by cars

All the Vikings tourists on the :transit: light rail today

I'm developing feelings for a Packer fan. Thiiiiiiiiiis will be an adjustment.

This area at the corner of Upton and 43rd in Linden Hills is a great little neighborhood business district.

Off from work today means afternoon movie means Fantastic Beasts 2 means bussing to Southdale for the first time.

I am now on vacation for a week.

Netflix has added Jeopardy.

I love this CO winter news story so much 

I made a calendar of MSP-ish holiday events (very incomplete) that I'll share with interested festive people. Just DM me your Google account email address to get access. (I won't use your info for anything besides inviting you.)


Trying not to overthink is its own special form of overthinking.

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