Kind of impressed that my doctor knew about the cut backs to bus service! Made a good choice in my primary doctor, I think.

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@WedgeLIVE image description: skip traffic is the most important part of this photo obviously. skip's wearing cuffed black jeans and black shirtsleeves today for this formal occasion. practical black sneakers with white laces, because skip is a multimodal commuter.

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Route 70 is being run by First Transit now, and we're getting the 30-footers! Someone already took my preferred wheel well seat, though.

Hour long gaps today on a high frequency route. This is no way to run a transit agency.

On board the inaugural MSP - EAU route!

(Second picture is a selfie, FYI.)

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Like many American cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul had a streetcar system that served these “Twin Cities” from the late 1800s until the system was mothballed in 1954. Emily Shepard just posted an article about what it was like, through the lens of her grandmother’s memories & some historical photos:
#transit #minneapolis #StPaul #minnesota #MassTransit #StreetsMN #MinnesotaHistory #rail #streetcars

This is also partly me trying out iOS (I have a backup phone that’s now iOS.)

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DON’T FORGET: “Elon Musk admitted to his biographer that the reason the #Hyperloop was announced—even tho he had no intention of pursuing it—was to try to disrupt the California high-speed rail project to get in the way of that actually succeeding.” — @parismarx @Gizmodo
#cities #Urbanism #ElonMusk #transportation #HighSpeedRail #publictransit

Assuming all goes well, by this time next year I'll have experienced both European and American high speed rail. Just booked a ticket on the from Boston to Philly for October 2023!

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Grumbling at the fact that they've now raised the Thanksgiving newspaper price to $5 and there's fewer ads than a Sunday paper had a few years ago.

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We joined in just enough time to ask if you'd like to join the Streets.MN board. We've extended applications to give busy folks a few more days to apply to November 23rd.

Curious who we are and what we're about? Join us at Arbiter from 6-8pm on Tuesday November 22. First round is on us!

Read more here, and feel free to DM if you have further questions:

love vendors where the only way you see they're having an outage is in their bird site replies. why do you even have a status page

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Them: Faving posts on Mastodon is useless, only the OP sees it.

Me, when a post gets faved: awwww, little internet hug ✨

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"Mastodon is just like email."
Like email? So I use Microsoft Outlook?
"Use WHAT"

(Tools -> Account Settings -> RSS Feeds -> New ->
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