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Hello! Longtime Robbinsdale resident here, I live right across the street from where the Blue Line extension will (supposedly, hopefully, eventually) go in.

I built my own house here, took me three years. I can maybe help with home maintenance-y Qs?

Married a Canadian, have 2 small kids, enjoy handcrafting websites, learning LISP (Racket), & publishing little books.

Very stoked about this local instance! Found out about it via @djsundog and @t54r4n1 ; My 1st acct is @joeld

I saw huge fireworks going off right near our house in northern Robbinsdale a week ago, ngl the first thing that went throughy my head was that the local Well Known Extended Family set them off. They were big time Stanek supporters.

Thanks to the kind offer of a friend who recently tested negative, Jess and I might have the chance to have an evening away from children for the first time since February. We are excited but also don’t know what to do with ourselves!

Somehow my steady diet of social media and small-child care has not prepared me for dealing with Mondays

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How crowded is the stone arch bridge and environs? Can we go there for a walk or is attempting social distancing basically a joke? How about…with kids…?

Trying to figure out how I close my US Bank account without being able to do it in person, or online, or get through to anyone on the phone

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Frisbee in our tiny backyard with the kids.

Asking for my 20yo sister who is facing a layoff: what are the places that are hiring now in MN? Grocery stores, amazon, I’m sure? How about any kind of emergency services work not requiring specialized training?

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We are both so dog tired and I have to be at work at 6am tomorrow. Plan is for both of us to try and go to sleep as soon as we put the kids down. Strongly resisting tea/coffee cravings…just 1.5 more hours left

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Jess randomly throwing up with no other symptoms. Trying to keep the kids quiet downstairs using my favorite diversion tactic, playing Stardew Valley

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Why have I found three live mosquitoes in my domicile today

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