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Hello! Longtime Robbinsdale resident here, I live right across the street from where the Blue Line extension will (supposedly, hopefully, eventually) go in.

I built my own house here, took me three years. I can maybe help with home maintenance-y Qs?

Married a Canadian, have 2 small kids, enjoy handcrafting websites, learning LISP (Racket), & publishing little books.

Very stoked about this local instance! Found out about it via @djsundog and @t54r4n1 ; My 1st acct is @joeld

Ok Iโ€™m caught up on the last two weeks of entries in the five-year journal. Thank goodness Jess and I are still such prolific texters, very helpful in jogging the memory. I vow never to let it get that bad again.

Current status: drinking Aldi apple cider out of a wine glass to celebrate both kids being in bed.

Watching my daughter play a free educational game on a Linux laptop, complete with the most frenetic MIDI arrangement of the Brandenburg concertos you ever heard

My TV regimen these days is that then once a month I force myself to watch another 14% of an episode of โ€œThe Good Placeโ€

ah, the satisfaction of a) remembering and b) tossing back that last drop of coffee, however cold

If you go to my Insta right now (๐Ÿ“ท velcrovan) my story thingie still has a recap of my mini-adventure last night firing up a server I bought on eBay and trying to upgrade the RAM, if that is your thing

People who have won the lottery for $10 Hamilton tickets: say hi to Bigfoot and Paul Bunyan for me

politics, todayโ€™s 1:18pm CDT FEMA phone alert Show more

politics, todayโ€™s 1:18pm CDT FEMA phone alert Show more

Iโ€™ll admit: Iโ€™m scared of early voting.

I feel like ballots mailed in early get counted after everything else on election night and not included in most election-night reporting.

I also suspect they fall outside the presumably-at-least-somewhat-rigorous procedures that surround ballots cast at-precinct on election day.


(Related, did you know Watchmen, besides having one of the best credits sequences of all time, never shows the title of the movie onscreen?)

Didnโ€™t get much done yesterday. Played outside with the kids for a bit. Watched โ€œScott Pilgrim vs the Worldโ€ in the afternoon. After kids were in bed, Jess and I were hanging out with our laptops on the couch and I started โ€œWatchmenโ€ without telling her what it was, which proved effective in getting her interest.

Watched the first half of the Netflix movie โ€œMary and the Witchโ€™s Flowerโ€ with Syl. Pretty gorgeous actually! It made both of us pretty happy.

What's it like outside today, is it nice? Asking for a friend who works in an office with no windows and no doors and exists in a superimposed state until an observer opens the box and finds him dead.

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Well this morning I set foot in the Vikings stadium for the first time (St Judeโ€™s wall to end childhood cancer) and here are some pics of Jess and the kids

Got that sweet, sweet MN Property Tax refund in my bank today. Autumn is well and truly here.

Only a little bit of water, comparatively, seeped in through my basement windows last night.

This, despite being in a somewhat high-elevation area, having recently-cleaned gutters and rather sandy soil.

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