Found myself wondering over the weekend if I should become a climate prepper and how I would even go about doing that.

“Preppers” get a lot of bad press (from me included), I think mostly because they typically seem to be optimizing for an unknowable and unforeseen black-swan event (“SHTF”). But climate change is a slow-moving, probably-unstoppable train whose consequences can at least be modeled and forecast, so climate change prepping seems like basic prudence at this point.

Of course the other problem with generic preppers is that they emphasize an individualized “get mine fuck the rest” kind of disaster prep. For climate change, given that it’s something we can see coming, a kind of collective prepping on a local scale (neighborhoods, even) is possible and would be better.

@joeld part of the prepping is mitigating your and your community's impact on the problem, imho. living lower-carbon is about planning for the future.

@t54r4n1 totally agree. But I’m thinking at this point no matter what we do, there will still come a day when, like, we need food. Stuff like that.

@t54r4n1 I guess I'm pessimistic enough about the most likely outcome at this point that prepper-type measures have entered the realm of basic responsibility in addition to agitating for preventative changes.

@joeld it's never a bad idea to have some shelf stable food on hand. just, stay sane about it, I guess!

@joeld @t54r4n1 become a backcountry backpacker, and the rest takes care of itself.

@joeld I mean, I kinda get it for cataclysmic disaster prepping? If you've got coverage for X people and X+Y show up, you've got some tough choices to make...

@joeld Same. Probably mostly it involves moving out of New Jersey for me. 😬

@gamehawk heck I’m wondering if we should move to Canada…somewhat feasible since we are all technically Canadian citizens

@joeld That's kind of been my consideration. I sort of regret not doing it before kid turned 18 since I assume it would have been easier for him to get approval (since none of us have any citizenship but USAn, that we know of; husband might have Syrian but I guess we won't know until and unless 🍊 revokes birthright citizenship and deports him).

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