I have a friend who works at the CenterPoint call center downtown. When she tells me about working conditions there, I am agog. The weird thing is, it's unionized! How has the union let things get this bad?

Anyways she is trying to get back into banking. She worked for TCF for eight years until they moved their location out to Plymouth (she just doesn't drive and couldn't make the new location work). If you know a bank/workplace that is friendly to POC and has openings, let me know!

@joeld my credit union is amazing and seems to have a high POC staff count. Hiway Federal Credit Union. They have some openings.

@joeld consider working for the state! i can give Insider Tips for how to apply to at least some other call center jobs if interested.

@t54r4n1 (although I think she would prefer to be done with call centers)

@joeld literally copy the job description into the resume and use all the words from it to pass the algorithm screen. yes this includes shit like "can perform basic addition and subtraction". if it's in there the dumbass algorithm is matching against it

@joeld i did even hear tell of a person putting it in white size 1 font at the bottom of their resume...

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