Sanders/Omar rally 

Ok I’m here. Long line to get in, moved quickly. Saw a bunch of maga types protesting by TCF stadium and lefty on the other side of the arena with signs about the Armenian genocide. New Power Generation performing here.

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I was in charge of dinner for our first night at the cabin


Looks like I’ll soon be able to remove the racial covenant on my house/property.

I could not find an actual web page with this information on it, if anyone can supply a link I’d be grateful.

(also per Greta Kaul on :birdsite: there's an error in the press release and the vote was 63-1)

This particular picnic area at Elm Creek is amazingly (for a holiday with such nice weather) deserted. In the far distance, through the trees, shrieks and howls of a probably very crowded playground.

Sometimes, NextDoor is pure gold. I non-ironically love this kind of incoherence.

Here is the haiku I wrote instead of doing nanowrimo

(this time with alt text 🙏 )

Jess got this photo of our daughter on her way to her first day of school today. She got out very happy, wanted a hug, and promptly crashed on the sofa. Now we’re all watching Paddington


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