@densetsu I really need to finish Obra Dinn. I got as far as I could without having 1hr+ chunks of time to concentrate on it or breaking out the pen and paper.

Sanders/Omar rally 

Sanders/Omar rally 

Sanders/Omar rally 

I can report that Menards does not sell whole bean coffee. It’s like they are coldly complicit in the worst stereotypes about their own customers.

Going to overcome my irrational revulsion for political events and get myself over to the Sanders/Omar rally tonight.

@t54r4n1 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I kept trying to see at as some objective status of the object depicted

but…it’s about…me after seeing it?!?!? :thinking_very_hard:

Still struggling to grok blessed/cursed/blursedness in memes tbqh

I dreamt last night that I used Waze to phantom-report a cop staked out on West Broadway, and the traffic noise levels at my house dropped by half. So now I guess I have to re-download that app and actually try it.

Jess is taking our 3yo on a multi-stop bike trip for errands today and I am super disappointed I can’t go with them. So nice out.

Not sure what (if anything) it says about my daughter that she pleads to see this video on my phone every night before bed: youtu.be/O7eQKSf0LmY

To be fair, everything about this video, from Attenborough’s voice, to the lovely music, to the comically gratuitous Foley, is awesome




An awfully peaceful night for a tornado watch.

@t54r4n1 the low caps are normal. I get that. But I’ve had three separate dudes at the U agree to buy, and then bail when they realized they’d have to go to the ATM on two separate days.

Pro tip: if you're buying a $700 thingoff someone local, you don't ask if they take fuckin venmo. You venmo someone $5 for your happy meal. You don’t venmo someone $700. This goes out to all you college students out there on FB messenger who think being a student means you can’t walk to an ATM

The nearly-empty, Wednesday-evening Landmark Cinema reminds me of the 60s version of the hotel in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. The lonesome lobby person as the only visible staff, the ventilation noises conspicuously audible in the absence of any conversation above a murmur, the unused and thrice-made-over grandeur.

Got to cosplay affluence* last night, going out with Jess for italian in Edina then seeing The Farewell at the Landmark Cinema.

*(Does this even qualify? Felt like it did, because, you know, Edina and wine with $20 pasta)

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