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Nokomis closed to swimming after kids get E. coli there. … at what point do people basically call off swimming anywhere near the cities, ever? For me it’s a couple weeks ago

@lawremipsum @densetsu I guess if I think about it, this is normal :statefair: practice for chance run-ins with friends/acquaintances?

@lawremipsum @densetsu we could have a policy of, if we run into each other, there's a minute or two of chit chat and maybe a totally optional selfie, then we split up again with joyful hearts

@t54r4n1 (although I think she would prefer to be done with call centers)

Anyways she is trying to get back into banking. She worked for TCF for eight years until they moved their location out to Plymouth (she just doesn't drive and couldn't make the new location work). If you know a bank/workplace that is friendly to POC and has openings, let me know!

I have a friend who works at the CenterPoint call center downtown. When she tells me about working conditions there, I am agog. The weird thing is, it's unionized! How has the union let things get this bad?

I’ve been planning on “restarting” local Homebrew Website Club meetings this summer.

Interest checks have been low but there is one other good fellow interested. I’m planning on having it at Wicked Wort brewery in Robbinsdale because I’m selfish and live near there, but if anyone who might be interested knows of a better venue, let me know!

@t54r4n1 that’s a good point—it’s probably more important that it “work” phonetically than …whatever the “written form” term is…graphologically (?)

Is the joke “You put the ‘arse’ in ‘arise’” good form? In other words: does the “You put the X in XYZ” form of joke admit any partial anagram of XYZ for X? Or is it strictly limited to so-called “joey words” (whole/contiguous words contained within XYZ)?

One of the wilder parts of being at RacketCon was meeting a young guy who got a job at fuckin Xerox PARC fresh out of college a couple years ago because his professor knew a guy. No interview, just a light conversation and then an internship. Damn son you livin the dream

First time ever in Salt Lake City! Riding their trains and slinking into their dorms. Really hope there is good coffee around here cause I am gonna need it in the morning

@stelepami @densetsu I wanted/want to like the show, in fact I can’t find anything really wrong with it. But yeah it just didn’t grab me the way the book did for some reason.

@stelepami @densetsu it’s a super slow burn. Like interminably long. But there are so many other good things about it (the prose, the well-drawn characters, the blend of history and fiction, the successful and subtle knitting of healthy gender politics into various parts of the story, the atmosphere, the footnotes, the gradual construction of a magic mythos without ever making it the story’s focus, and the payoff) that it’s one of my favorite novels ever.

@densetsu They somehow incorporated everything I enjoyed about the novel. It’s semi-cooperative too, which I like.

Root has been another favorite lately.

@densetsu my brother brought over his copy of the Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel game yesterday and now I’m considering buying one for myself.

Breweries in MN can’t sell growlers once their production hits 20k barrels/yr.

Thing is, we should actually keep this rule since it gives smaller breweries an advantage over large ones.

The correct winning solution for Castle Danger and everyone else: keep production < 20k barrels and **raise prices**! The demand is clearly there.

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