Random serendipitous babysitter availability means dinner at Wilde Cafe and a walk around the bridges.

mortgage-administrating banks badgering me to go paperless

you in particular will send me that shit on physical paper, is my gut response

There is an opening on the Hennepin county “Bicycle Advisory Committee”: hennepin.us/bac

Seems relevant to our interests

Not sure if it says more about the task or about me but putting up curtain rods always takes it right out of me.

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@Chelseaknits I’m too spooked as well! If you do read it please report back!

Sometimes, NextDoor is pure gold. I non-ironically love this kind of incoherence.

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Because I am a completist sadomasochist, I am going to finish this Harry Potter audiobook even if it kills me

I was looking out the window thinking about life stuff and now apparently I have peeled and eaten another clementine.

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@hfrazey I mean, we’d be open to this. We’ve talked about something like this for a long time.

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