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Been nice knowing you all as fellow citizens of the USA. Let’s all go vote one last time!

The long darkness has begun 🌙 🦇 ❄️

At 37 years old, probably 90% of the concerts I've been to have been the kidn where everyone is seated and listening quietly, and I think I’m kind of done with those.

I used to enjoy going to MN Orchestra concerts. But now when I think about going, it kinda feels like it’s a place where middle class people like myself go to cosplay as rich people.

• Slept in (kids too! 😮)
• Replace blower motor in commute car, ending years-long era in which heat could only be had accompanied by loud mechanical wailing
• Added 12GB ECC RAM to a computer I am slowly building as a FreeNAS server, for a total of 24GB. (Just need hard drives now!)
• Going out dinner at Crave with Jess and then gonna see A STAR IS BORN

Who is ready ready to join me for NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month)?

The goal is to write exactly one 3-line haiku in the month of November.

I wish I lived in a world where newspaper endorsements had any meaning or effect

Writing a program in BASIC for tracking sales tax exemptions, how's your day going

I’m relistening to ‘The Magicians’ on commutes, for kicks, I’m about 3/5 through it and I hope I’m almost to the part where the plot starts happening.

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Ok I’m caught up on the last two weeks of entries in the five-year journal. Thank goodness Jess and I are still such prolific texters, very helpful in jogging the memory. I vow never to let it get that bad again.

Current status: drinking Aldi apple cider out of a wine glass to celebrate both kids being in bed.

Watching my daughter play a free educational game on a Linux laptop, complete with the most frenetic MIDI arrangement of the Brandenburg concertos you ever heard

My TV regimen these days is that then once a month I force myself to watch another 14% of an episode of “The Good Place”

ah, the satisfaction of a) remembering and b) tossing back that last drop of coffee, however cold

If you go to my Insta right now (📷 velcrovan) my story thingie still has a recap of my mini-adventure last night firing up a server I bought on eBay and trying to upgrade the RAM, if that is your thing

People who have won the lottery for $10 Hamilton tickets: say hi to Bigfoot and Paul Bunyan for me

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politics, today’s 1:18pm CDT FEMA phone alert Show more

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