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🚨 🥗 🚨 CDC today: throw out all your romaine lettuce right now, and sanitize the drawer in your fridge where you kept it.

As a preschooler I used to attend exorcisms at people’s houses presided over by my grandfather, AMA

PSA, this seems like a good idea.

Sign Your Address Up For USPS Informed Delivery Before Scammers Do —

Been getting interested in mechanical keyboards this past couple months. Posted on reddit asking if there was anyone local that owned a couple specific models so I could try them out before buying. One woman on there went ahead and organized a mini meetup at Fairgrounds coffee, which we had today. They were very cool and the meetup helped me out a ton!

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Minnesota did OK.
Chapo twitch stream really did have the best coverage.

Every state should run their elections the way does:
✅ Same-day voter registration
✅ Paper ballots, scanned optically
✅ Adequate polling locations everywhere = short lines
✅ Employers must pay for workers' time off to vote if it falls within their scheduled work time — as much as necessary, no limit!
✅ Vote early by mail or in person for any reason starting 46 days before the election

Been nice knowing you all as fellow citizens of the USA. Let’s all go vote one last time!

The long darkness has begun 🌙 🦇 ❄️

At 37 years old, probably 90% of the concerts I've been to have been the kidn where everyone is seated and listening quietly, and I think I’m kind of done with those.

I used to enjoy going to MN Orchestra concerts. But now when I think about going, it kinda feels like it’s a place where middle class people like myself go to cosplay as rich people.

• Slept in (kids too! 😮)
• Replace blower motor in commute car, ending years-long era in which heat could only be had accompanied by loud mechanical wailing
• Added 12GB ECC RAM to a computer I am slowly building as a FreeNAS server, for a total of 24GB. (Just need hard drives now!)
• Going out dinner at Crave with Jess and then gonna see A STAR IS BORN

Who is ready ready to join me for NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month)?

The goal is to write exactly one 3-line haiku in the month of November.

I wish I lived in a world where newspaper endorsements had any meaning or effect

Writing a program in BASIC for tracking sales tax exemptions, how's your day going

I’m relistening to ‘The Magicians’ on commutes, for kicks, I’m about 3/5 through it and I hope I’m almost to the part where the plot starts happening.

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