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Well after three days and four nights my blindingly painful sore throat seems to be subsiding, but as of this morning I have substantial ringing in my left ear. Everything happens so much.

When I’m healthy I think, would be nice to have kind of a cold and take a sick day and just watch shows and kick around in heavy sweaters. Then when I have to take a sick day I’m like, it Will be so nice when it doesn’t hurt to swallow again

Rosedale is way ritzier than I remember from 24 years ago.

Of course the other problem with generic preppers is that they emphasize an individualized “get mine fuck the rest” kind of disaster prep. For climate change, given that it’s something we can see coming, a kind of collective prepping on a local scale (neighborhoods, even) is possible and would be better.

“Preppers” get a lot of bad press (from me included), I think mostly because they typically seem to be optimizing for an unknowable and unforeseen black-swan event (“SHTF”). But climate change is a slow-moving, probably-unstoppable train whose consequences can at least be modeled and forecast, so climate change prepping seems like basic prudence at this point.

Found myself wondering over the weekend if I should become a climate prepper and how I would even go about doing that.

Say what you will about :birdsite: but Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ☑️ just tweeted that he is aware of Chapo Trap House. That is some world class amusing shit

Going on an expedition to st paul tonight, should be wild

Sure, I'll try some rejected corn flakes beer

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Here is the haiku I wrote instead of doing nanowrimo

(this time with alt text 🙏 )

Annual trip to Menards’s with the kids to get a Christmas tree for $30.

Well, drive home from the office took an hour and forty five minutes. Let us never speak of this again.

Woke up with the ‘Teamwork’ song from Reading Rainbow stuck in my head 🌈 🦋

This 2-part blog post by a Robbinsdale city council member is a really good explainer on how property taxes work in MN. It's probably different than what you think! Many light bulbs went off in my head after I read this.


A bit more complicated than what you expect, but easily within reach of the adulting brain

"If you're anything like me, you've cobbled together an entire career sitting in front of that blank page and forcing yourself to just **start already** with your next piece tackling the issue of how people engage with the craft of writing about writing. Well, you're not alone. 1/"

Turns out that when eating mixed popcorn, one of my kids eats only the cheesy ones and the other eats only the caramel ones.

Alternatively, you could place the romaine and the refrigerator in boiling water

🚨 🥗 🚨 CDC today: throw out all your romaine lettuce right now, and sanitize the drawer in your fridge where you kept it.

As a preschooler I used to attend exorcisms at people’s houses presided over by my grandfather, AMA

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