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Meanwhile whose head(s) need(s) to roll due to this accessibility trash fire? No sidewalk, no road treatment, no way to walk to the bus without major risk of injury. Total BS

We have a friend who lives in apartments near the Menards in Fridley. She just had back surgery 4–6 months ago She does not own a car; takes the bus to work every day.

The only way for her to get to her bus stop is to walk downhill on the street (there are NO sidewalks) to Central/65. For several days now this street basically been an inclined skating rink.

Today I got up 1.5hrs early and drove her to her work downtown so she wouldn’t end up in the hospital…

Got the kids outside to play for two hours, easily more fresh air than they (or I) had had all year.

I want to read a thinkpiece about a recent Beck music video.

Regional natural gas monopoly unprepared for cold snap, 150 homes lose heat in -26ºF weather.

When do investigations and fines start? This is criminal negligence at best!

Fridley, your roads are garbage. Your neighbors all show that you can do better.

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Being a parent is like being in a doctor’s waiting room for five years.

DERRY GIRLS was funny, mostly substance-free, enjoyed the 90s music references, portrait of Northern Ireland during the troubles and raging intra-European prejudice was intriguing.

Spent about 45 mins hacking away at the ice on my driveway with my 3yo, it’s surprisingly resilient given all the sunshine and warm temps.

So after a week I finally took myself into the clinic. It's not actually strep throat; it's (currrently) a double ear infection, the drainage from which is causing the sore throat, voice loss, and coughing. Antibiotics for a week.

Well after three days and four nights my blindingly painful sore throat seems to be subsiding, but as of this morning I have substantial ringing in my left ear. Everything happens so much.

When I’m healthy I think, would be nice to have kind of a cold and take a sick day and just watch shows and kick around in heavy sweaters. Then when I have to take a sick day I’m like, it Will be so nice when it doesn’t hurt to swallow again

Rosedale is way ritzier than I remember from 24 years ago.

Of course the other problem with generic preppers is that they emphasize an individualized “get mine fuck the rest” kind of disaster prep. For climate change, given that it’s something we can see coming, a kind of collective prepping on a local scale (neighborhoods, even) is possible and would be better.

“Preppers” get a lot of bad press (from me included), I think mostly because they typically seem to be optimizing for an unknowable and unforeseen black-swan event (“SHTF”). But climate change is a slow-moving, probably-unstoppable train whose consequences can at least be modeled and forecast, so climate change prepping seems like basic prudence at this point.

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