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Because I am a completist sadomasochist, I am going to finish this Harry Potter audiobook even if it kills me

I was looking out the window thinking about life stuff and now apparently I have peeled and eaten another clementine.

It’s amazing how much personal stuff you can take care of just by getting off work early one day a week.

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I'm turning 38 this month and I am going to my first-ever out-of-town conferencey-type thing in July. Somehow those two things are connected in my mind.

You know what they say, in like a lion out like a lion

Going to a mechanical keyboards meetup in Bloomington after work tonight. Making myself go, because I'm stupid about these things.

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Made it to work in 35 min by leaving 1.5 hours early. Take that, freeway death trap! Just in time for the companywide safety meeting that should have been cancelled

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I have had so friggin many of these little tiny oranges today

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Testimony earlier this week in favor of a traffic stop moratorium in Mpls: "Eight times. Two years. One actual ticket. I'm just getting frustrated... The interactions are gruff, they're not respectful... And I can sense that at any moment I can lose my life in the interaction."

Remote work good: no driving today, of all days

Remote work bad: peculiarities of today’s assigned tasks means actually having to do most of it over a remote desktop session with my work computer, and everything is sooo sloowwwwww

Ok no snow yet, where’s this storm?

Disclaimer, I got the ok to work from home tomorrow if the roads are bad so now I selfishly want them to be bad

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