Anyone know something about a shooting that just happened in the West Side of Saint Paul?

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hi, im johnald straightman, and i absolutely refuse to use soap unless someone tricks me into thinking its whisky

Planning to make a high bridge style banquet table for the yard

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I dunno, just fuckin paying people to quit their nonsense jobs for websites or Jamba Juice and instead paying them $30/hr to install solar panels, plant trees, build high speed internet, retrofit buildings and build up public transit would solve a lot of problems I think

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Anti-fascist FOSS dude collective when? 

did a little neighborhood gardening celebration thing this evening. brought our chickens to talk up backyard chicken keeping, had some goats there, folks brought potluck supplies and flowers to plant and there was an artist doing a mural painting with everyone who wanted to.

love our neighborhood.

Welcome to Mythbusters, with your hosts Cool Uncle and Mr "He mostly kept to himself, it's horrible what happened, just horrible."

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YES!!! 🎉🎈🎊

San Francisco is moving to municipalize PG&E!!!

Congrats to all the activists from and who helped make this happen!

"City leaders say proceeds from the sale will help PG&E pay victims of deadly wildfires that the company’s power lines started"


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If you're at the monarch festival I'll be the one crying in a ball.

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@donoteat also really good thoughts on the power of community land trusts and the legal barriers between unions and building social housing (for example with a pension fund). Let's work to change the laws and encourage radical unions.

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The one in which @donoteat comes out for pro-public housing yimby goals. Agree 100% that we need to be pushing for renter protections and creating dense urban neighborhoods while reducing displacement as much as possible.

took a bike trip with the family today, just up to amore coffee but on the way back it rained and everyone powered through so that was awesome

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Transit needs to be reliable to be useful. Invest in trains and busses. Invest in frequent all night service on all routes. Make it free at point of service. Build it and they will come. Ban cars (close streets to cars) and defund and demolish highways.

The carbon impact of the fair has to be absolutely massive

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