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Okay signing up to caucus and which of the mayoral candidates has the strongest ACAB vibe rn?

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hi i'm John Everydaycarry and today i'll be going over my every day carry, the essentials that no American should ever be without or be legally compelled to leave outside the courthouse or told not to take on a plane. i've come to this week's loadout after years of optimization:

• gun
• fire starting kit
• smaller folding backup gun
• paracord
• flashgun. now that's the RJ-800i Apocalyptor, a space-saving innovation from Mountain Tactical Industries, sponsors of this week's episode, and it's a gun with a flashlight under it.
• some more paracord
• gunlight. no, my mistake, this is the RJ-800i. the flashgun is a flashlight with a gun under it, and that's the MTI RQ-820b Obliterator. haha, don't get those two mixed up when the shit hits the fan, viewers.
• additional paracord
• gunwallet
• you can never have too much paracord. my first wife said you could have too much, so i made a second wife out of paracord, and she don't sass me so much, heh.
• gunkeys
• underwater low-temperature ballpoint gun
• bullet journal

well that's all folks. like and subscribe and next week i'll show you what my dog wears on her collar for EDC. i'll give you a hint: it's guns. stay safe out there.

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A Minnesota Politics Story 

Prologue: Paul Wellstone was elected to the US Senate in 1990 and quickly became a legend of Minnesota politics. He was a principled progressive with wide appeal both in the cities and rural Minnesota. He opposed the Iraq War at a time when that was very unpopular, cementing a legacy of being fucking right a lot of the time: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Wel

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fuck techbros. fuck their fucking terrible shit systems that they make and force onto everyone else and refuse to improve while marginalized people beg for a chance to "help"

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:birdsite: link 

"A word to anyone cheering on anarchy, fuck you from everyone who lives in a hood that will take a decade to get our basic services back. This is Hector, his Beauty Shop was destroyed."


They actually issued a motherfucking curfew. Fuck all of this.

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In other news the Met Council used the chaos of the last 24–48 hours as an excuse/opportunity to evict a homeless encampment near the 3rd precinct.

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Give all PPE from cops to healthcare workers. Those face guards they use for riot gear would be infinitely more helpful shielding healthcare workers from covid.

This streamer is following various streams and a police scanner and rebroadcasting continuously:


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non-tech people give absolutely no cares about how technically or infrastructurally bad something is as long as it just works

they'll almost always choose whichever solution gets them from zero to doing in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of friction

making things easy is sometimes hard & foss devs tend to consider those users "lost causes" instead of considering their needs

@t54r4n1 @lawremipsum are you interested in playing Wingspan with me and possibly 2 other people yet to be determined?

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Uspol, trump, media 

What the fuck kind of framing is this? Have they learned nothing about how not to cover him over the last 3+ years?? (Yes, they have not)

"Push back"???? Jesus Christ.

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Would anybody be up for Ticket to Ride on Tabletop Simulator today?

trying to diagnose a jitsi problem: @t54r4n1 and @lawremipsum were you both able to see all the video participants last night, and each other? and i'm assuming y'all were on the same network with each other right?

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you bet your ass. you gamble your tits. you wage your dick. you stake your clit. you pledge your balls. you

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Room for 2 more for Catan, tomorrow night at 7PM.

@t54r4n1 Tentatively running this tomorrow (Friday) at 7PM Central. Including video chat cause that makes it more like a real board game night. Plus you gotta trade in Catan and talk shit about other players' strategies.

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